first_imgIf you drive along 15th Street in Tuscaloosa, you’ve undoubtedly seen them: ducks and geese galore around Forest Lake.But soon they’ll be moving on to better waters, leaving residents crying foul about losing their feathered friends as the city of Tuscaloosa moves them to a new home away from the dangers of cars and fast food.“I enjoy coming out here and seeing the geese and the ducks,” said Forest Lake resident Reagan Emmons. “They make Forest Lake a little more fun, and they look great. It’s pretty out here and I enjoy it.”Ducks and geese are a popular attraction in the Forest Lake community, but their waddling grounds have expanded into some dangerous territory.“They walk to Cook-Out a lot and people feed them over there,” Emmons said. “As soon as you get out of your car, they’ve just become so accustomed to people, they’re so ready for the company.”Cook-Out, Freddie’s, McDonald’s, Hoo’s Q … if it sells food in the vicinity of Forest Lake, ducks and geese have been spotted there.But some residents within the community are worried the fowl won’t be relocated and will instead be removed and killed. District 2 Tuscaloosa City Councilwoman Raevan Howard said that’s 100 percent not the case.“The ducks will be removed in the most humane way possible,” Howard said. “None of the ducks will be hurt in this process. Even their habitat where they are planning to be removed to has already been researched to make sure it’s the best habitat possible for the ducks and geese.”Howard said the fowl are moving by the end of the month. The city didn’t make the decision lightly, but after the April 27, 2011, tornado, the lake was left without much of a natural barrier and the ducks took to expanding their territory.“We’re not going to hurt the ducks,” Howard said. “The ducks are going to be handled in the best way possible. We’ve made sure of that every step of the way.”Forest Lake residents said they’ll continue fighting so the ducks and geese are not moved, and concerned residents have set up a Facebook page to organize information regarding the animals. Visit Save the Ducks and Geese of Forest Lake on Facebook if you’d like to keep up with their efforts.last_img read more