first_imgThe initiative by Samsung is called Project Space Planes, and the goal is to showcase the strength and reliability of Samsung’s memory cards. How does Samsung opt to go about proving to the world that their memory cards are some of the best in the world? Load a bunch of them up with photos, music, letters, and videos from Samsung employees and fans, tape the cards to a hundred paper airplanes, and strap all of it to a weather balloon that you send up to the edge of the atmosphere. When the weather balloon got to its target height, just at the edge of space, the paper airplanes were released from the basket under the balloon and sent cascading down to the earth below. Presumably the paper airplanes were scattered across a wide stretch of land below, inviting people to pick them up as they landed, pop the media cards into their computers or card readers, and explore the media Samsung had loaded them up with. Whether people are likely to immediately put a media card they found attached to a paper airplane out in a field into their computer is anyone’s guess. Also, while I don’t think that Samsung will be charged with littering for the event, it’s definitely one of those awe-inspiring publicity stunts that people will remember. [via Daily Mail]last_img read more