first_imgFFWPU Austria, Vienna, Austria, October 2014: Mrs. Vera Mussy, a Brazilian sister who lives with her Austrian husband in Austria since 1989 started to become active by looking for her compatriots in Vienna. She has been organizing two gatherings by now with 30-40 participants each, celebrating birthdays or wedding anniversaries together with her Brazilian friends.It is Vera Mussy’s goal to connect the people with the providence. That’s why she invites people with a religious mind. Some of her guests are priests or leaders of smaller religious groups. She calls her project “Together we can make it!”The first gathering was on September 13th, 2014. Vera showed a movie about cooperation:After the presentation the guests shared their own experiences and felt inspired to come again.The second meeting was on October 5th, 2014. Vera prepared for the event by doing a 3-day prayer condition from 4:00-7:00h in the morning. She got inspiration what to cook and how to prepare everything. On the third day she got under big time pressure so that she wanted to shorten her prayer. But then she thought: it is most important to have spiritual support! So she continued her prayer. Later, while preparing the meal a guest of hers came early and helped her finish all the preparations.The occasion of the gathering was the 25 years’ anniversary of her Blessing (1989). At the beginning of the meeting a Brazilian pastor, Pastor Rogerio, read words from the Bible and prayed. Vera’s goal was to teach the 1st chapter of the Divine Principle. After the introduction she decided to talk about her personal experiences with God, especially that after the Blessing she could give birth to four children, although before it looked as if she would be unable to have children at all. It was a real miracle, for which she is most grateful to God.All together there were 40 guests. Also Vera’s own children and friends from the 2nd generation helped. “I want to thank everybody for the support, specially I want to thank Heavenly Parents! I am inspired to continue this work and I am grateful for every prayer of support!” Vera stated at the end of her report.last_img read more