for the old station website seconds is not what new things, but for new sites or included fewer sites, to achieve the website seconds is not so simple. In three years, we all know that Zhu Geliang can borrow the East fire attack Cao Ying an easy job to do the program, as personal webmaster we are weak, is not also borrow this idea, relying on the platform of relay play, let the website realize seconds to achieve a multiplier effect? Is the second site must love Shanghai this pretext the East was easy to realize the second effect. read more

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in welfare stationmaster eye, Shanghai dragon optimization is a long-term and complex project! From website domain name is, although the search engine applies equally to various website domain name, but according to the use habit or贵族宝贝 domain name is more outstanding, so it benefits webmaster suggestions to choose a brief note, COM is the best domain. For example, the welfare domain www.fuliba贵族宝贝 is one of the model.

review: for many webmaster, the most headache thing in Shanghai Longfeng (search engine optimization)! Which involves all aspects of the many issues, from the choice of keywords to the renewal of the original article, from the chain itself to the weight of the website and so on, is one of the key issues to consider key. In view of this station problem, welfare free to share some sites in Shanghai Longfeng optimization methods and webmaster tools, in order to share ideas of Internet read more

to do so for many large web sites is obviously too much, some small and medium-sized enterprise website because the page is relatively small, the pure static page is more appropriate, but for the electricity supplier or information website, or the contents of a large amount of Web site, the pure static obviously does not fit the actual, but the use of pseudo static method it can effectively improve the website optimization effect, so how to create a pseudo static web site. This first talk easily fooled people fake pseudo static optimization method. read more

is part of the upgrade website link, on specific combat deliberate manipulation including but not limited to the following example:

recommended exchange linksThe

bold guess four; 360 search will again make a big fuss, trigger a new round of war, 3B. 360 search share will rise in one step. For the 360 "search marketing, will use the love of the Shanghai update algorithm.

5, does not have the significance,

in No. 10.23 in the morning at about ten, Shanghai love web search anti cheating team released the latest on the hyperlink cheating algorithm upgrade. This algorithm is upgraded, so I do not consciously think of No. 8.22 love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, then led to the big storm Station No. 8.25 K. This time it is inevitable there will be a number of sites down, your site will be caught? How to survive the storm in the K station? Personal views about flying sale studio personnel read more

on improving the utilization problem of individual users, should also note that many do not regularly log on to individual users, if not timely reminder, perhaps this account will be permanently forgotten, the repeated use of relatively low probability. No matter how many members have, as long as not active users, for employers, recruitment effect is not ideal. I believe that individual user participation, utilization rate is not high, appeal to users is the limited unit. So for a period of time without login website personal customers can use e-mail, SMS, or even in the form of telephone, remind the customer login website. At the same time, with the website integration activities, the use rate of individual users will have a promotion. Then, the number of users will also be units will have a substantial increase. read more

these days and the traditional tourism industry that combine the leading group, in 2016, by the consumer to upgrade the East, raised the content, IP, cross signs, and began self subversion, even if they are in a lot of budding entrepreneurs eyes object should be subverted.

rubbish: something that is of little value to people. Garbage is just misplaced resources. A site if not what value to the user, it will be called the garbage station, a lot of garbage piled together into a dumpster, if the owners use these misplaced resources, if you make it to the following Wangzhuan? You know, read more

two: and not put the psychological strategy of

: a change not depart from the optimization rules of

search engine optimization rules, always elusive. However, it is because of the mystery, it appeared many "daydream" theory, and even some absurd fallacy "". The optimization rules properly, the website ranking surging ahead, but if the optimization fails, or is doomed eternally. So the search engine "theory" has begun "transition practice" faction. However, in many exploration, why today, people still want to explore Shanghai dragon rules through? In fact, the more search engine is in the manufacture of one illusion to confuse the Shanghai dragon Er, confused webmaster. So in a time of future seemingly accidental updates, but always has its inevitable. Good fishing in the search engine, who moved the string? As a webmaster, how to deal with the optimization of the overwhelming? The author of a discussion as follows: read more

4, universal search: sometimes the best search results is not text, if you search for John · Kennedy’s "Moon" speech, you may want to watch the president that published the famous speech video. We made this possible, in the search results in the integration of a variety of types of content, so you can get the most relevant information, regardless of format.

2009, Google has said in the past year to search for 350 times to 400 times improvement; 2010 also said that over the past year were 550 times improvement. In 2010, the famous Google Engineer Matt · Katz (Matt Cutts) in a video said, every day they are on a modified core search algorithm. In addition, Google will test every day hundreds of changes, but only a part can be put into use. read more

I work in a machinery company, is mainly responsible for the management of the company, Shanghai love love Shanghai auction, bidding on the consumption of 5K to 10 thousand. Get an average of 20 to 40 enquiries every day. Is your boss before bidding management, the small size of the company, a lot of tuition, spend a lot of money, then invited Love Shanghai bidding management, budget control, plus a lot of words, improves the amount of information, the rapid development of the company, built a new factory, the output value of 100 million. This to some of the machinery industry practitioners Shanghai sex bidding summary of some of his own strategy. read more

1. navigation arrangement to accurately with the user’s habits of

3. according to the user’s habits to display

said the website structure this is probably a piece of Shanghai dragon Er are most familiar, including the URL, web site navigation, page layout, keyword layout, title settings and so on are very familiar with the search engine, why would you favor? Foundation and reinforced frame structure is built with the same site is also important.

then I will give an example, I hope there is a need for partners to help. read more