A5 financing briefing Learn Le cloud, Hugo Yat home, Yunnan Bio Valley have billion yuan financing

1 learn Le cloud

Investment: New Horizon Fund collar vote, Jinsha River venture capital investment

investment amount: $200 million

music is a cloud platform for K12 education provides educational software and educational resources in the research and development of Education Science and technology company, its development is "learn music all through the · cloud; teaching" and "learning music Chinese" and other products. Recently, learning music cloud platform for $200 million C round of financing, New Horizon Fund led by Jinsha River venture capital investment.


2 Hugo Yi

investors: Rae bank

investment amount: RMB


Yi home is a rental apartment brand, provide a clean room design, hosting, Home Furnishing decoration construction, housing rental, lease management and maintenance of one-stop service, the Sichuan Cci Capital Ltd’s hugo. Recently, Hugo Yijia won hundreds of millions of yuan investment strategy, investment for the Rae bank.


3 Yunnan Bio Valley

Investment: GTJA Investment Group Limited

investment amount: 150 million yuan

Yunnan Bio Valley pharmaceutical was 150 million RMB strategic financing, the investment for Shenzhen gaotejia investment group limited. Yunnan Bio Valley pharmaceutical is a whole industry chain of high-tech pharmaceutical enterprises, set the research, development, raw material cultivation, production, sales as one.


4 m ride

Investor: Shenzhen FITA

investment amount: 1 million yuan

m completed Angel round of financing, involving an amount of 1 million yuan, the investor is Shenzhen FITA. Ride is a bicycle intelligent equipment R & D, which is part of the ride Technology (Shenzhen) Co., ltd..


5 about travel network

: Thailand securities, investment securities, Minmetals securities, Vanward China Securities

investment amount: 16 million 960 thousand yuan


with travel to complete strategic financing, involving an amount of 16 million 960 thousand yuan, the investment side of Thailand securities, securities, securities, Joaquin Minmetals securities Vanward.


6 see science and technology


investment amount:

noted that science and technology to complete the angel round of financing, the amount involved is not disclosed, did not disclose the investment side. Note that science and technology is a focus on AR smart glasses and involved in face recognition, image processing, computer vision and human-computer interaction technology research mobile Internet Co.



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