Small and medium brand clothing nternet marketing success learn how to do opponents

traditional small garment brands involved in Internet marketing, VANCL is one of the best samples. We bring to the garment industry experience both positive and negative, we have also had peak, trough, of course, when the fame of the Lei Jun millet, Lei Jun also did not forget to say: "I was the biggest failure in investment!" and in fact, Lei didn’t give up on it, where the customer, Lei continue to invest every guest, perhaps, the customer will change radically

stage a comeback!

as a brand for Internet marketing, what to learn where the Internet clothing brand? Is a successful experience, where the customer was very successful marketing, 2010 "love network, love freedom, love is 29 yuan T-SHIRT, I am Han Han!" VANCL style was popular network, also in this year, where the customer sales the total exceeded 2 billion yuan, but soon, we lost self in the rapid expansion, "light marketing products", "blind expansion" is the summary of the failure of all passengers.

How to open Internet marketing

small and medium-sized clothing brand? The Internet changing, we use the form without any chance of winning, as small and medium-sized clothing brand, first of all to learn about other clothing brand experience, of course, in addition to pure Internet brand VANCL mentioned at the beginning of the article, but also look at some of the big brand how to do. Famous garment brand Semir clothing brand to do cross-border business, recently and South Korea ISE strategic cooperation, mining analysis of Semir Korea ISE leveraging the Internet big data, precision marketing in Internet cross-border business, like Semir clothing, there are many domestic clothing brands are in the layout of the mobile Internet platform, Smith Barney also recently released "fan" mobile APP platform.

is a well-known clothing brand to step on the solid Internet plus ", for small and medium-sized brand layout of Internet marketing, there are some great care, there is no other way? In fact, the Zhongshan electric network business platform approach is worth watching. Electric network is completely different from other e-commerce platform in the mode, it is in accordance with the "cooperation platform construction in Colleges and universities, choosing to send to transfer the core management staff college student management model, realize the enterprise cooperation, professional docking; students can learn very attached to the gas to the various operational aspects of electricity supplier and tool trial this also is the skills of college students provides a new mode of practice and entrepreneurship. It’s a good idea to join the school.

we see that the platform is a very good marketing position of clothing brand, can do one of their own platform, and also some Internet platforms, these are very good, but regardless of their own platform, or high cost, and the Internet resources, and even cooperation platform will inevitably friction, no roots, not to mention the Internet now for never wading small brands, Internet marketing is still unknown, there may not be a generous return.

for a cautious clothing brand


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