To create high profit products must focus on products and services

this two more Monday straight in thinking, and establish a formal legal, project profitable, sometimes confused in the choice of products, at the beginning of the month sold two mobile phone, really feel better not to sell, because transactions meet in the city, have encountered serious problems of customer service, one of them just that call, give him 400 yuan to solve the problem of the last two days, not second people and I came to reflect the problem, finally no fruit can only give him to return, was very depressed, although no loss, but the mood is very bad.

well, back to today’s topic, these days have been looking for and thinking about some project products, Baidu search and join a lot of projects and products will come out, the amount of information the Internet every day is so great, but we can accept is always the small part, so most people sometimes do network spend all your time in the project and product selection, this project feel good today, so do a few days, suddenly feel difficult to operate, and began looking for a project, how could earn money, must focus on a project, a product, unless it is a team operation.

in the face of the project, the project can be done on the Internet is so huge, but boils down to one thing is to sell, sell products, buy services. So now if you are white, if you have a stable career, you have your own product, you have their own technology, can be done on the Internet to master one or two kinds of sales, marketing tools, and can operate perfectly, then you will never worry about selling.

you can think most people are in it, you can not think it may have been in it, wonderful things always exist, but there are still people succeed, so if you have an idea, you have the idea, you have thought, then the next step is to carry out hard, don’t waste your time think, sometimes action to landing, landing marketing.

sometimes speak more truth are nonsense, you need to copy someone else’s project is easy, but to replicate the success of others is very difficult, just thinking, able to provide you with the only method, relates to the results, or to see their own execution and flexible degree.

want to quickly make money through the Internet, so CPA can operate in marketing, have higher requirements, to attract the majority of traffic every day, if you want to earn more money, you can use the classified information network, this way is simple, investment money to take the tablet computer or mobile phone, then classified information in the post, waiting for the specified phone, every day there will be several people to contact you, may not be sold within a week.

of course want to stay in the network to maintain a stable income, then wherever you go, or to return to the product operation, product should be formal, legal, grey products although high profits, but is not for a long time, so you want to make some money fast, short term operation of such products, in fact, most of the formal legal the product, as long as the package is good, still can obtain high profits, the age of the Internet, "


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