Taxi drops adjust subsidies, taxi software burn cool game

today, by the Tencent invested didi taxi over WeChat to pay 10 yuan cash back offers, another source said, backed by Ali financial support for fast taxi cashback activities is expected soon after will come to an end. This indicates that the domestic burn taxi software fierce competition to compete for customers is gradually cooling, but whether or drops fast, business model and expansion program burn after the end of the game are currently still not clear.

didi taxi relevant person in charge of the market yesterday told the Beijing Business Daily reporter, to the driver and passengers back to 10 yuan after the end of the event, Didi taxi subsidy policy adjustment for WeChat to pay less than $5". The original 10 yuan subsidy halved to $5.

at the same time, the Beijing Business Daily reporter called to consult a quick taxi, said the person in charge has not yet disclosed specific data, but the user volume and average daily turnover over the past month is quite impressive. It is understood that fast taxi cashback activities have yet to determine the time node, but some provinces and cities in the taxi drivers, some areas of the Alipay cashback activities has been temporarily stopped.

lowered subsidies, perhaps because of the previous implementation of the cash subsidy policy has shown some results. From the day before the Tencent released transcripts, since January 10th, Didi taxi application access WeChat paid as of February 7th, nearly 30 days, the total payment orders through WeChat taxi has exceeded 5 million, a daily average of more than 160 thousand single.

despite the intense burn taxi software behavior has been realized by millions of orders, but whether it is the driver or passengers, taxi software user loyalty is not developed, users should be recognized and used to using software called a taxi car and pay, there is still a long way to go.

market in the long incubation period, the user scale and loyalty is difficult to sustain, resulting in a taxi software business model is not clear, it is caused by a taxi software to their own blood, only transfusion living on the outside, so once the capital chain rupture, no doubt will be eliminated.


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