Electricity supplier of small and beautiful and big and full

in 2013, the electricity supplier industry seems to have entered the winter, the landlord is not too rich, the parties also shouted to a small but beautiful, to abandon the big and complete. Su Ninghong children with practical action to tell us that playing a small and beautiful, but also on the whole, you can look at a good study.

small and beautiful, but also large and full

The reason why

believes that small and beautiful and large and not conflict, is based on. Now, the Internet companies are talking about flat architecture, electronic business platform we can look at this, we can go to cut it into a small fist products. At present, the mainstream of large electronic business platform, we can also be seen as a combination of small and beautiful platform.

is now suning.com, Jingdong, including Tmall, in this trend, but Tmall may take more points than suning.com and Jingdong, Tmall merchandise for the ability to control the poor. Further, Suning redBaby vertical platform of suning.com, and other vertical electric providers, such as brewmaster, also in further small and beautiful.

at present, in the Su Ninghong children have internal milk, diapers, mask three categories of separate projects, responsible for the special team, open from procurement to the operation, open platform investment, even the whole process of membership management. Compared to the past in the system in the process of division of labor, such a "battle mode" is more conducive to the integration of resources.

O2O Suning Shopping Festival is the touchstone of a small team. According to official data, O2O Shopping Festival 11 day, up to 11 days 18 when suning.com sold 9 million 120 thousand masks, 2 million 370 thousand cans of milk powder, 16 million 300 thousand pack of sanitary napkins.

have remembered advertising famous words, a fluttering selling cups can be around 3 laps around the earth. If xiangpiaopiao is a fist product of Suning redBaby, the fist data out is very persuasive, rather than a channel of a product awesome, too horrible to look at the other. Look at the brewmaster network, they simply means that the liquor sold how many million bottles of wine sold, how many million bottles.

from the data point of view, and now the electricity supplier platform to see this trend, but to say which is more depth to do these things. In addition, these products can be achieved very good results, nor is it easy to pick up a product can be taken to do the fist, soft fist hit people. We can also understand that behind every products small team will go to the mining part of the user’s needs, this part of the demand to enlarge to the depth of mining, and then according to these needs to make a product, that is to say we can see a platform behind the team structure from the platform of the flat, behind a fist product is a small fine combat team.

small team fine combat is not an end, but it is an important way to achieve the ultimate goal of the enterprise. What kind of resource allocation, according to the actual situation to do something, so that the user cool, so that the user is convenient, you have what. >


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