Ali mother, can not attack Baidu, Taobao can not keep

      click Register Ali mother, sell your site ad > >

      Ali mother on the line, this is not a good product. Recently saw more than Web2.0 n venture site, look a bit annoying; some critics say she is good, that the United States; see, these people do not have personal experience of the webmaster, do not understand the thinking and experience of personal webmaster circles.  

      Ali mother positioning (Architecture) is not good

      Ali’s mother’s positioning, I summed up the 4 words: "boring can chen". This pattern the League two years ago, was said to be Ali really is good for innovation, Ma Dashuai. No impact on Baidu alliance! If you can affect the Baidu alliance, then YAHOO is doing it. What is the alliance? First ask the league, you know, Baidu alliance is not Ali mother this model can shake. In addition, to tell you that Baidu is really possible to enter the e-commerce, but to wait until the first fall of a few batches of flapping the road to good road and then start! Ali mother model can also. Obviously, Ali mother wants to use Taobao’s free mode to fight the land, but you pay attention, Baidu’s advertising system is also free, Baidu is not! Ali’s mother is not a new concept, we can ask some of the personal master of the veteran, this model has long been the alliance, the concept is not affixed to the Internet model with a bird? What is the Internet model? It is not at home.

      Ali mother products can not say good or bad

      do the league’s website, in addition to registration, landing, back to the password, introduction, FQL, there is no need for too many elements of the page, see Google’s Alliance page is more concise. Can make money to make the product is a good product, what concept.

      Ali mother on-line timing is good

      this is not a point, but worth mentioning. In fact, with the SP by strict control, rogue plug-ins is the crackdown, the small website also really need some more effective revenue model. Ali mother may be able to adapt to this trend. This kind of project is difficult to do, why is it difficult to do? Who wants to sell advertising, but who buy it? How to do the problem of cheating, who will be the referee, the referee rules? How to judge the value of the seller’s advertising? These problems can not be resolved, Ali mother do not want to do!

      Ma Yun’s Alibaba and Taobao are respectable, but don’t put Ali’s mother with them. Keep a pure Taobao.


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