Stationmaster net broadcast tens of thousands of micro store trading regulation worries P2P platform

1 tens of thousands of micro store trading regulatory worries in 5 minutes to open a  

is a micro signal, with a few pictures and brief text introduction, can be their own "shop" business was full of sound and colour…… This quietly rising WeChat shop mode so that many people easily round his dream". But despite the shop form and Taobao store, the reporter found that this kind of "micro shop", often living in WeChat through the third party platform, not after the official WeChat audit, in the qualification examination and supervision of transactions are hidden.

payment without supervision frequency jump single

bought a lip gloss, etc. has not received the goods for a week, then contact the seller, have not heard." The other end of the phone, junior Yang Cai (a pseudonym) is still some confusion. Let her a little puzzled is that the students around her once in this micro shop to buy things, and did not happen this situation.

look at this cosmetics shop micro interface is not "copycat", commodity price items, one by one, the bottom of the interface is also marked with how to contact the seller. Can be paid to the link, the shop is used to direct arrival mode. When Yang Cai put more than and 100 dollars money to hit the other account by Alipay after the sellers bind bank card account immediately received. "I repeated to the owner of a micro channel, the other directly pulled me black." Yang Cai said, although the amount of damage is not large, but still let her suck.


2 and then let go: no public image ads on the chain and  


platform for public policy change is more and more frequent, the day before, WeChat once again issued a new policy, announced that the public number can be put outside the chain of advertising.

it is understood that the WeChat public platform to update the two policies are all about advertising. First, the number of advertisers can be put into the public advertising, but the premise is the need to open WeChat payment.

another adjustment is: as the flow side of the public number of advertising specifications in the form of new pictures, and only text chain form. According to the number of public advertising hailun WeChat Tencent wide point revealed that the future of WeChat public number will also try more forms of advertising, such as advertising and graphic cards etc..

3 P2P: the first case of illegal fund-raising in the East venture suction gold 126 million jailed for  

CBRC regulatory rules on the occasion of the upcoming P2P, Shenzhen City, Luohu District Shenzhen City People’s court sentenced yudongfang investment management company (hereinafter referred to as the "eastern capital") two main person responsible for the crime of illegal deposits from the public; the lawyer inquiry, no other related cases in China in recent years, the case became the P2P convicted the first case of illegal fund-raising.

Oriental venture was founded in June 2013 in a P2P platform in Shenzhen >


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