TOP to promote the search to grasp the major search vane

The success of a website, much to consider the quality of customers, many sites had higher IP, PV and IP are basically the same, and mostly is the home page, most are one-time customers, in fact this site is by doing more harm to improve flow. Basically belong to the rubbish site!

              real good site, in fact, look at the IP at the same time, but also PV, more is to look at the amount of customer visits, because of this, he said, the customer is really agree with your site, rather than relying on Baidu space to, or by keywords ( cheating to achieve. So, the content is king " " the first criterion or station. Good content to attract customers, for the content is only a kind of performance data.

              so what is the quality of the content? This is the customer need, want to query, we pay more attention to the point, can be found, the search engine is their rankings, as long as we go to observe, to find out more. Customer will understand what is needed, such as

Baidu search billboard


Sogou Sogou index


NetEase search list


China search list


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