Sail do you understand the cross marketing to marketing

use of the natural extension of the product value chain or people’s habits, or cross (horizontal) marketing, or up (down) marketing is also an enterprise in the network marketing planning techniques commonly used. Moreover, if applied properly, may also be obtained on a specific occasion unexpected marketing results.

1 cross marketing: a real application case

"online games + beef + union + win" story.

an accidental opportunity, Zhejiang, an online game business owners and a production of beef jerky business owners in Zhejiang. Although this is the two from the surface and the industry is irrelevant, but the two people are very concerned about the management of the issue of speculation, sparks. So, began the process of marketing cooperation.

on the one hand, Internet companies launched in the online game "Datang Fengyun", the network game plot design: Generals whenever a juncture they eat green Sheng beef jerky to increase energy, the result is extremely strong and invincible.

on the other hand, Green Sheng in its beef jerky product packaging as far as possible, "Datang Fengyun" atmosphere and appeal. Product packaging, fluttering flags fluttering treasures. But inside all kinds of general game card game for fans and teenagers set and treasure. The results played a very good marketing effect, both sales growth.

2 marketing applications for example

"baby – pregnant = value chain extension + market expansion" story.

world care brand giant – Johnson to promote their products, through the online baby diary will be the life of their own products and marketing bundling, and achieved good marketing results. Subsequently, Johnson is naturally along the trajectory of life and the enterprise value chain extension, the development of these ideas to pregnant women diary. The corresponding product chain, value chain, marketing bundling model are carried out on the scale of expansion.

there are a lot of cases of up marketing, here is not much to cite, such as: Microsoft and Intel’s Win Tel alliance story, etc.. Here is not enumerated, it is important for you to read this article if you can dig out more cases, so we can get to the cross marketing and marketing concept to the US



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