Product Six venture to think clearly set to maintain the consistency of the product

a lot of companies have been fighting tearing force, the more recent is the "fled North canton".

looks very lively, but did not actually take real users into the flight steward, more like speculation planning company, curry favour by claptrap, he spent money to see the lively but nothing substance. It feels like the "ordinary world", Sun Shaoan earned money to invest in a county town of the film, the requirements are not high, "hang a name".


so today, I want to talk to you about the consistency of products and products.

What is your

1, "


know this word, seems to be eating from a star, contrary to the established "when people start".

think carefully, "people" of the word than "what do you want to become better people". You want to be what kind of person is a divergence of the imagination, and "people" refers to the overall image of the.

"I want to punish, dabaobuping."

does it sound like "I grew up to be a man like Wu Song" more concrete and, at the time of execution, there is a complete reference system.

if your "people" is the "Superman", according to the standard of their lack of Superman, strengthen strengths, get rid of problems and self training. If your "people" is the "warm", we must learn to cook bartender flower to change the bulb carry rice and for sadness when happy silently.

if you feel ready to stand out for justice, but when your employees come to borrow money, your first reaction is useless, can not borrow. It will be against your people "". If the violation of the "people" without knowing it, will be caught in a misunderstanding, because of the war about the enemy, know yourself. In fact, itself is relatively easy, the most difficult friend.

losers are generally not confidant.

2, the product of "artificial"

products are also the same. Your product is the boyfriend force burst table or friendly neighbor?? as Huang Lei is clever, or as adorable sheep? Or is noisy or running man happy camp


happy camp there is a whole "set" it, just on the individual "set" is not clear. The mean Chinese below, everyone faces blurred, in selling their age, there is no "people" have no legs.

there are a lot of entrepreneurs put their products "set" done very rich. Warm, overbearing, clever, meng…… In short, there are good things, and finally became a "good man", and lost their own characteristics.

, of course, more entrepreneurs is not a clear "set". This leads to a problem: because of the lack of a clear "set", there is no unified way >


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