Micro business the intention of the rapid turnover of customers

I found a lot of doing sales work, or do the marketing work, always ready to deal in the moment the ball dropped! Why? You can’t fix either the customer intention, or you feel shy to deal with them, or you don’t know how to deal with them!

when they have the intention to buy your products or as your agent, eventually you didn’t deal with them, then not only you do not sell goods, put the money back, you will be pain. And your customers will hate you!

why? Because they are on your products or services with the intention, but when they are ready to buy your product or service, you have not traded them, their own psychological will feel uncomfortable, because of his love of things did not buy a hand.

do not know if you have not tried such a scene, when you see a product, you will is to buy, but in the purchase process, because some reason ultimately did not buy success, you cool? You certainly will not cool, of course this! You may be because the boss service attitude is not good, the price can not discount, ah, can not guarantee the package returned and many other factors, and ultimately did not buy success.

all at this time it is necessary for us to deal with them, you do not feel embarrassed, you have to remember a word: everything is for the sake of love. Please write down this sentence!

so how should we do? Here we pay attention to carefully listen to, I will teach you, tell you how to easily go to your customer turnover intention, and is easy and rapid turnover to your customers, let you put their own pocket money income, customers will thank you


a clever use of zero risk commitment

~ ~ this zero risk commitment in many industries are widely used, but we are not aware of it. Usually when we watch TV, advertising on Taobao and Jingdong and other major electricity supplier platform to buy things, and even when the online store to buy the product, will encounter similar zero risk commitment.

example: when we are watching TV advertising, will not always find ads have been described, the cash on delivery, not satisfied with retreat? Or we buy products or services at Taobao, Jingdong business platform, we will find that Taobao, Jingdong also has such a commitment, for example: seven days, 30 day package returned and so on, even in our online shop also has such a commitment. For example: when you buy a mobile phone in the mobile phone shop, the store will not promise you seven days, one year warranty service?

In fact, these

are zero risk commitment, but we rarely think of these things, which leads us in the sales process, not to use good results, let yourself be magnified and transaction difficulty.



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