Fang Yingzhi Shop real name to restore the true virtual

according to the "China made news" reported (reporter Liu Xiaokai). July 1st onwards, the General Administration of industry and Commerce will implement the Interim Measures for the management of online commodity trading and related services (hereinafter referred to as the measures), which marks the official launch of online shopping real name system.

State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the relevant responsible person said in an interview, the state clearly announced the shop name system operation with the legal provisions, the "measures" to "virtual subject" restore the true subject, has the positive significance to safeguard the interests of consumers.

as early as April 2nd of this year, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce drafted the Interim Measures for the management of commodity trading and related services (Draft) has been open to the public for comments. Recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for consideration and adoption of the "measures", the attention of the outside world has long made this shop real name settled, announced the "measures", caused great concern in the industry, especially the most important shop owner who, generally speaking, all the performance of the "positive attitude measures" support.

"in the process of online shopping fraud, consumer fraud cases have occurred, although the network trading platform often" fake movement ‘, but this behavior has not faded, the "measures" introduced, the implementation of online real name system for the supervision of the responsibility to the people, to a very positive role to regulate online trading platform play." Assistant researcher, Chinese e-commerce e-commerce research center analyst Fang Yingzhi told the "China Sankei Shimbun" reporter said, through the introduction of this policy, a clear obligation of the network trading platform to check the updated duties, further done from regular nuclear shop real name system information, the responsibility to each C2C shop a real owner, avoid the shop transfer and lease of the real phenomenon. In addition, the B2C company also made clear how to deal in the transaction, the owner wants to evade responsibility and the standard method to "talk" to consumer behavior, such as consumer will need to pay attention to place deliberately "shrink".

iResearch data show that in 2009 the scale of China’s online shopping transactions (physical goods) reached 263 billion yuan, an increase of more than in 2008 of 105.2%. 2010 first quarter of China’s online shopping market transactions exceeded one hundred billion yuan, reaching 102 billion 690 million yuan, an increase of 119.4%.

for such a large amount of online trading platform, at present, there is no specific regulation of the industrial and commercial administration of the laws and regulations. The "contract law", "product quality law", "consumer protection law" and other laws, mostly to standardize the spot transaction based, but because of the particularity of the network transactions, "live trading law" protection of this "transaction" behavior will inevitably lead to the gaps in law. The "electronic signature law", "electronic payment guidelines", the Ministry of Commerce on the guidance of online transactions and other legal effect is low, and guide the limited role of practice.



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