Amazon e-book packaging mode was writer boycott

[Abstract] Amazon’s $700 thousand e-book reading service has led to a sharp drop in the income of the authors of the.

Tencent Francisco last year Amazon and Hachette Publishing Group on the e-book sales problems and make a field, which leads to the mainstream writers have launched an attack to the company. Now, the writer self published works began to Amazon’s new e-book subscription service Kindle Unlimited Voices of discontent.

market competition is too fierce is the main reason. Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription package to provide one-stop services to users, users only need to pay $9.99 a month to read 700 thousand books, including the writer self published books and traditional books taking books. This business model may bring more readers to Amazon, but led to a sharp decline in the income of writers. The writers expressed their dissatisfaction in the media interview.

has written more than 50 books, e-books business consultant Bob Meyer (Bob Mayer) said: "6 months ago, people have resigned from the daily work, believe that they can engage in business writing. But now, people have to return to prostitution. This year, everything becomes too fast."

e-book oversupply

at present, the e-book market is facing oversupply dilemma. In 2010, the number of books in the stacks of the Amazon Kindle is only 600 thousand, and now the number is more than the 3 million. The number of e-books published last year by Smashwords, an e-book distributor, grew by 20%, of which the number of free e-books grew by an annual rate of more than $1/3. According to data released by BookStats, although in 2012 the global e-book revenue grew by nearly 50%, but in 2013 revenue was only $3 billion, essentially flat with the year in 2012. Some writers said that this is the Amazon Kindle Unlimited provoke disaster.

and streaming music service Spotify, online video services, Netflix, as well as e-book startups Oyster and Scribd, Kindle Unlimited is also a one-stop packaged sales model. As long as you pay a lower monthly service fee, consumers can enjoy this service enough. Compared with other platforms, Kindle Unlimited allows writers to reach more readers.

, however, some famous artists do not get much benefit from it. The famous American singer Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) in the autumn of this year will be her music from Spotify down, because this business model not only detract from her artistic value, but also increased the cost of. Swift said: "people need to spend money to enjoy more valuable services."


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