Part of the electricity supplier no reason to return extended to 10 days

Beijing daily news (reporter Zhou Xuedie) along with the implementation of the new consumer law, online shopping 7 days no reason to return to become one of the focus of attention of consumers. Yesterday, the Beijing Daily reporter learned from the Haidian branch, Baidu, Gome online and dozens of well-known business enterprises launched 6 new initiatives to implement the new consumer law. One striking one is on clothing, footwear, luggage products, extend the consumer online shopping is no reason to return, the new consumer law provisions by 7, increased to 10 days.

according to the Haidian trade and industry, in addition to 10 days no reason to return, for the implementation of the package also has a new package of three initiatives. It is understood that the electricity supplier commitment to comply with the quality requirements, in August 25, 1995 promulgated the "Regulations" part of goods repair replacement and return responsibility 18 provisions of the catalogue and belong to the consensus, premise and manufacturer, three package starting date from the date of invoice to receipt of the merchandise to consumers, at the same time beyond 7 days but in conformity with the statutory conditions for termination of the contract, allowing consumers to return.

online shopping complaints in recent years has been high, and continue to show an upward trend, according to the Beijing Municipal Industry and Commerce Department, last year on the Internet consumer complaints reached 12950. The introduction of the new consumer law will help to improve the consumption environment of the internet.


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