How to continue to play the shopping guide The infinite possibility of gold folding net

over the past two years, many large third party shopping platform has been transformed, which gave the original in the second echelon of the small shopping guide website brings opportunities. And after the end of the electronic business platform heavyweights closely interconnected, these shopping guide website how to continue to play it?

founded in 2014, the shopping guide website gold fold network, since its inception has been to maintain a sustained and stable operation and development. Recently, the gold fold network launched a different and closely related to the different plate, in the original basis of the adjustment of the site structure. This change can be changed, with a lot of new features, there are some unreasonable old modules are removed. In this revision behind, what is the mystery of


listen to consumers, improve the user experience

the most obvious change is the new version of the visual presentation. The overall page design simple atmosphere, in line with the current trend of the mainstream design brand electronic business platform, so as to give consumers a better user experience.


in addition, with the electricity supplier shopping process optimization and improvement, consumers pay more attention to the experience of the link. At present, the number of registered users of the network fold network in more than 240 thousand, the average daily active users in about 40 thousand. Among them, the age of 18~30 years old female users are particularly prominent. They are not only the main consumer of online shopping, but also the quality of high quality and cost-effective products. Therefore, for this part of the fashion of young female users, increase the net cash discount models selected for women related products and show in the secondary navigation bar, set up a special "male" and "female" zone for sex in the service, and strive to meet all levels, age requirements.

A lot of women’s

data show that a large part of the consumer to buy from collocation, women love "to" love "surprise", and recommended the collocation can meet these psychological needs, can contribute to buy more than one of the high price. Good shopping experience, to the platform has brought a greater user stickiness, it is reported that the turnover rate of the old net turnover of high turnover of gold, accounting for more than 25% of the old users. Through the promotion of the entire network of payment, daily operations, etc., gold folding network has been attracting new users to join, and regular marketing activities to increase user stickiness.

listen to the merchant said, based on data analysis operations show

as a shopping guide website to help businesses better will recommend to consumer goods platform, operators will pay more attention to business interests, and make for the business characteristics to promotion and marketing activities.


in order to show more opportunities for the brand, the site has increased the "brand" channel, in the home page navigation bar display. The channel focuses on the support of some brands have the potential to do brand sale.

in order to better push the quality of shops and goods, the site canceled a merchant a commodity in the first


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