The financial crisis over the low potential project will be a new opportunity for the development of

Secretary General of Boao forum for Asia, said long Yongtu, in the just concluded Boao forum for Asia, after many guests to discuss the formation of a basic point of view that the financial crisis is the most difficult and the worst time has past, the global economy will be in the United States led by the end of this year early next year and gradually recover, China economy will be at third, the fourth quarter to go on the road of healthy development.

The economic recovery of the

environment is certainly exciting news, small and medium enterprises are still facing a crisis of development. Small and medium-sized enterprises must seize the opportunity to grasp the new opportunities for the development of enterprises to find their own potential for the development of the project in order to catch up with the economic recovery of the express.

In terms of

on China’s B2B e-commerce industry, the current financial crisis is a golden opportunity for development, facing the traditional sales channels of trade of small and medium-sized enterprises and the test of difficult circumstances, B2B e-commerce will become a new channel to promote sales of products of small and medium-sized enterprises more attention and selection.

recently released a research report released by domestic research institutions, the use of e-commerce in small and medium enterprises, the survival rate in the economic crisis, 5 times higher than the traditional enterprises. These factors are in the direction of China’s small and medium-sized enterprises to promote the development of B2B e-commerce.

in the B2B e-commerce industry, as the first professional leading a hundred responses to a single call, and the authority of the "small and medium-sized enterprise product sales procurement, supply and demand information navigation" the first platform, brings together the industry’s best technology and management team with technical research and accumulation of first mover advantage and the company many years of industry, innovation and constantly upgrade platform the search engine, has been leading the field of technology and market in absolute B2B. The layout of the national market began to channel a hundred responses to a single call last year, and the rapid development of the first year to achieve 120 million of the market revenue scale. (keetel)


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