Tmall nternational + rookie play flash purchase free international shipping is a cover

news July 2nd, we found that the international day before Tmall launched the "global flash sales channel, do limit sales promotion for consumers. The biggest feature of its flash purchase mode is that the goods are all issued by the bonded area of the electricity supplier pilot cities, and hit the free international freight slogan.

We found that

landing Tmall international, the global flash sales channel located in the position of the first big banner of Tmall international home focus map of each recommended 2 products, the initial line of the main category is milk and diapers.

Tmall international global flash purchase channel

bonded delivery service fee of 8 yuan package

Tmall international, global flash purchase logistics by Tmall international cooperation with the government of the bonded delivery mode: in the consumer before the next single, overseas goods in bulk transportation have been imported, bonded stored in the bonded area, and the consumer orders, goods directly to the domestic courier sent from the bonded area consumers can, and served within 7 days, compared with the traditional sea Amoy logistics time is 20 days.

Tmall international global flash purchase distribution process

a Tmall international business to billion state power network said, the current Tmall international businesses to participate in the flash options given preferential terms for each order in the bonded area logistics operation fee of 8 yuan package, including the sorting of goods in the bonded area, distribution, immigration and customs clearance, the work is handed over to the "rookie logistics to be responsible.

low service fee disturbed import logistics market

, a person familiar with the bonded import sources, at present the comprehensive bidding in the bonded area logistics operation fee for each order is given for each pilot city enterprises engaged in Bonded import business is concentrated in 10-20 yuan, the greater the amount of goods, you can get the lower the price; while engaged in the service of these enterprises in the actual operating costs 5-8 yuan between.

that is to say, Tmall international service offer is currently far lower than peers, and even close to the cost price. In fact, the low cost of service launched by Tmall international is indeed to other bonded logistics enterprises engaged in import business pressure.

a person engaged in the relevant business, said recently there are often customers come to Tmall logistics service charges why cheaper. But the person also pointed out that at present the customer turnover rate is not high, this is because the "rookie" ability is not covered the whole chain of imported electricity supplier logistics, and it can only provide a service in the bonded area, and they can also provide overseas distribution, overseas warehouse services, cross-border air / sea. And finally to the bonded warehouse services within the whole process services, integrated logistics service cost cost is lower than their own businesses to change transport + rookie.

"we are now basically foreign to a full set of prices, rather than specifically to mention the free trade zone service offer. 8 yuan package of Tmall international will be bigger for can only provide logistics services in the bonded area, may be fatal.