3 months ahead of schedule! The world’s first dual character.Wang domain name falls Jingdong

December 2nd,.Wang ace domain name the world’s first dual character domain officially released – JD.wang. According to the whois registration information display, the owner of JD.wang is three hundred six hundred degrees Agel Ecommerce Ltd Beijing Jingdong.

Jingdong 3 months ahead of schedule

Jingdong in the first time the note registered JD.wang domain name, but also the process of pofeizhouzhe. It is understood that, as early as August of this year, the science and technology to make the brand or trademark rights of enterprises can be much lower than the market price of the cost, more convenient, easy to protect their brand resources, decided to keep part of the domain name open to these enterprises, thus forming the enterprise brand chain own domain name protection. Jingdong in the first time after the news was informed of the registration of the zodiac technology. After more than 3 months of strict examination and approval process, ICANN agreed to open these reservations, Jingdong in December 2nd for the first time officially acquired the ownership of the JD.wang domain name. "The open part of the reservation vocabulary, aims to stimulate the domestic domain name industry vitality, at the same time, the technology also wants to protect" brand trademark owner’s rights to the maximum, the technology responsible person said. It is understood that jingdong.wang was also registered on the same day by Jingdong.

ranked fifth in the world, China’s first 1

it is understood that the domain name is.Wang for the new domain name suffix ecliptic Technology launched the global Chinese community, the domain name and Chinese characters "network", "Wang" and "Wang" homophonic, is called as ACE domain. Since June 30th officially registered,.Wang domain name to show a huge market potential, the current global registration of the domain name has exceeded 85 thousand, ranking the world’s largest registered volume of fifth, China’s first. The first time the Amazon, apple, Microsoft and other domestic and foreign industry giants are registered in the.Wang open a number of related.Wang domain name, industry experts predict that.Wang will be expected to become after.Com/.cn third mainstream domain name suffix.

Ali.Wang attitude change

with excellent market performance,.Wang domain name began to make the domestic market big companies began to sit up and take notice. Earlier this year,.Wang, Ali failed to register protection related.Wang domain name, Tianmao, juhuasuan, lead Alibaba, tmall, Mayun, alimama, aliexpress, Ali mother, Ali cloud, Ma Yun, Etao, Alipay a total of 12 domain names fall into other hands, the Alibaba was forced to draw the domain name arbitration. Although finally won the first 10 names of the arbitration, but the Alibaba need to pay the arbitration fee is $1500 per name and a lot of time and manpower cost, and domain name arbitration is mandatory shall not carry out any operation, Ali is completely passive.