Jingdong Xu Lei readme electricity supplier sports marketing should be how to do


2010, Xu Lei in the Jingdong named Chinese Grand Prix ceremony on

from my personal point of view, I appreciate the brand marketing, brand marketing I personally love to find a carrier, what is this carrier? I am not what the media to do advertising, but a good marketing platform, in this platform we can put their own brand image, hope and hope to build feelings express.

one of my favorite carriers is the Volvo yacht race, which is the world’s top event, giving people a strength and adventure spirit. I also want to find a similar carrier, Jingdong in 2010 to do two similar things, one is super, one is the world cup. There are results in 2011, the entertainment marketing, men help, are hoping to find a good carrier.

talk about the situation in 2010 Jingdong sponsored super, when the most difficult for me to judge is that the reputation of Chinese football is very controversial. But as a watch sporting events and Chinese football fans, I think the time has come to a low, both the cost and the dispute, and the central began to attach great importance to football, so soon this thing is communication, the whole process took only two weeks.

At that time the

decision is the most painful for me, because if you do Internet advertising, promotion out what effect will soon have a response, but the brand advertising effect is difficult to statistics, just before the television, by around the stadium and other data to do the assessment, but once done my heart alone the.

was signing ceremony attracted a lot of media coverage, the main report is two points, one Jingdong actually sponsored super tournament, the two is actually such a Chinese football sponsorship. When the first round of the first round of the opening, through the site traffic can be seen, the entire amount of the search rankings are beyond the normal situation, which shows that the event is still very influential.

in 2010 after super finished in the media exposure is very good. Test data show the value of the game, such as the proportion of television broadcast, several times higher than the sponsorship fee. But how much to help sales, including the impact on partners, consumers can not quantify. And when the first year just to do the sponsorship, the overall cost is too small, did not do any landing activities, experience is still relatively small.

but it is finished after super, we start to feel the sports. For example, the distribution of colleagues to reflect, because of the special sponsorship of the football team because of their pride, they feel that the company sponsored football, the company is particularly good. And when we communicate with the government, they will feel that we are super sponsors, so it should have a good strength.

hand again this year is also a coincidence, before the team has been considered to continue to sponsor super, I went back to the Jingdong and continue to talk. This year there is a small change in sports entertainment marketing giant


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