Online shopping from the price to quality change push Taobao mall hot

recent news about Taobao is getting smaller, while the Taobao mall reported an increase in the publicity has also increased the intensity.

After Taobao mall

relay Museum, the library name shoes, sports hall, Amoy teles under a strategic push another vertical industry Jiezhuang museum. November 3rd Taobao mall in Guangdong, Foshan hosted the 2010 China home improvement industry forum, the official launch of the home improvement museum.

with Chinese to strengthen the housing demand, the demand for the home industry is also increasing, strengthen, and to enhance the competitiveness of traditional industries in the production and sales model, because of high cost, management and other issues weaken its advantages, while the rapid development of the Internet to Jiezhuang industry has a new channel, especially now the Internet – recruits group purchase website, is to provide a new platform for the industry. Taobao added a moving house, home museum.

Taobao mall is indeed gradually hot up, joining the industry, rich in Taobao’s line of products, to achieve a one-stop consumer user experience, but, therefore, Taobao online personal users are opposition.

Taobao search results are Taobao mall, Taobao sellers day end, watching Taobao mall step by step will be pulled in front of the rankings, occupy more and more advantages.

this morning feel traffic is not right, is usually less than half, the basic state of no patronage. I am sensitive, directly in my case of Taobao, the search for a product search results found on the first page.

all of the mall’s baby, other C sellers did not show 1, I really can not believe their eyes. Try again the same results finally understand why the morning traffic! Now the mall more and more obvious advantages, Taobao mall into more and more, in individual small business sellers are less but more."

This is the Taobao

forum inside the seller posts, indeed, whether it is from the attention or publicity, now Taobao mall became the object of the new development goal of Taobao, now the Shanghai subway station hanging full of Taobao mall posters. China’s first B2C mall Mcglaughlin listed, Taobao Mall for its purchase of an independent domain name, many people in the industry predict that it is ready for the future of Taobao mall listing. The truth, now only Taobao clear, but it is certain that Taobao’s investment in the mall is quite large.

, I often see some updated Taobao forums also have small changes, Taobao forums earlier updates very fast, almost every minute, a section of an article, of course this is only an estimate of the deviation. But now it seems that the forum every day, advertising information, traffic is relatively reduced, forum management diminuendo, on the other hand also shows the degree of attention for Ali small Taobao


Taobao is the most representative of the "cheap", while the rapid development of e-commerce in China, buyers are no longer just the pursuit of price


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