Attempts on social power, why always died

Abstract: the social value of the release is not the electricity supplier through the social networking platform to share, but in the internal interaction and sharing of the user, when the external flow all rely on WeChat, micro-blog share, as can be imagined final conversion and success rate.


following the cross-border electricity supplier, social electricity supplier, social electricity providers have begun to fire.

was born, the cross-border electricity supplier Ocean Terminal red book such as platform, community electricity supplier also appeared in "the logic of thinking", "the Wu Xiaobo channel" player, but not the emergence of social business platform to rise above the common herd.

some people will and beauty as the current development of the best social electricity supplier, which is a misunderstanding. and beauty said more inclined to buy electricity supplier, although these years continue to adjust the direction, but the overall did not deviate from the shopping guide, the main direction of the people.

why social electricity supplier did not like cross-border electricity supplier, community electricity supplier, like the outbreak of the author seems to be related to his property, the essence of social electricity supplier is acquaintance economy + trust economy.

acquaintance economy

literally understand the acquaintance of the economy is an acquaintance business. Acquaintance social networking business is more complex, I will be the relationship between the chain of acquaintances economy is divided into three levels. The first layer is the deep relationship between relatives, classmates, colleagues, bestie bestie, etc.; the second layer is the middle relationship: friendship is not deep friend; the third layer is shallow relationship: never met a stranger.

in three, most of the transactions to the deep relationship between the majority and middle relationship. According to data released by WeChat in this year’s Q3, WeChat users more than 50 friends accounted for more than 62.7%, which means that the number of acquaintances do business on this point is not enough. According to the data released by WeChat, minus the non audience groups, no spending power of the population, the conversion rate of acquaintances is minimal. Since it is difficult to continue business acquaintances, it can only rely on shallow relationships.

so there is a micro business, to do the premise is that micro friends must reach a certain number of friends. Micro business later failed, a big factor is from the original economic circle of acquaintances, is no longer the "acquaintance economy", but an extremely fragile "Shuabing economy" and "economic value". The failure of the micro business is not the failure of the product, but the collapse of a highly viscous acquaintance. From a strong relationship, gradually to a weak relationship with the Pyramid agency model. The end we see.

acquaintance economy is not a form that does not exist, but is likely to become a stable business model. No matter where to buy things to buy, we will pay for it, only in the ethical relationship of acquaintances, everyone imagined concept is cheaper, more real, more reliable. In my opinion, the advantages of acquaintance economy lies in the high repetition rate; the fast spread of word of mouth and the high reliability of users. At the same time, its disadvantages are also obvious: it is difficult to form a scale (unless the agent);


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