Google and Salesforce integrated AdWords advertising services

      June 5th news, Google and are expected to launch a joint website on Tuesday, aiming to make the work of customer relationship management software vendors like Google AdWords advertising service resellers like.

      for, the alliance expanded its efforts to link’s hosted CRM software with Google AdWords after it acquired private enterprise last year. will allow users to start Google applications from the AdWords to expand to the same as the Google AdWords platform resellers. marketing senior vice president Kendall Collins said the two companies jointly developed with Google AdWords Salesforce Group function of Edition software, and plans to sell the products.

      Salesforce Group Edition to allow enterprises to connect to Google AdWords and enter the relevant search words in this website to show their advertisements on the website, and released their ads on Google’s AdSense service.

      Collins said, this alliance is a heaven-made match for us. He pointed out that the two companies on the Internet to take a similar approach to provide services, such as the use of open application interfaces to provide services.

      with Google AdWords function Salesforce Group Edition software services for SMEs, 5 users per year service fee of $1200. The first year’s promotional price is $600 per year for the service fee of $5. The promotional price includes $50 a year for Google AdWords advertising.


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