Analysis of the life and future of group buying website

is the first group purchase website in the United States, with China Internet entrepreneurs copy and group purchase website crazy simple profit model, from the hundred regiments to thousands of war just a matter of months, behind this with the business model and the force of capital accumulation.

The innovation of

is the originator of group purchase this war fuse, domestic venture leader Wang Xing launched the first group purchase project meituan, meituan line led to the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, then handle network, glutinous rice nets have started to open fighter regiments, analyzed from many imitation and copy the American group purchase website point of view, innovation is not Chinese Internet reached a peak, by copying and innovation of their so-called copycat maintenance, this is just a beginning, and the most striking is the four major domestic portal Sina, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu, from a strategic point of view all reached the field when the group purchase, many small group purchase also no development has been the portal and is born to death, which is not optimistic.

through the analysis of group purchase is the best product of movie tickets, movie tickets are a hundreds of thousands of the records occurred one after another, from marketing to business model was not optimistic about the process of adventure, the result is unexpected, the future is very confused, this is the current business group purchase after the true feeling, from the consumer point of view, it is the product is simple and rough, work hard to keep up with the service, once will no longer go second times, businesses do not repeat, group purchase website IP is new accounted for the vast majority, we always believe that the era of e-commerce, the product is the key, service is the guarantee, the two do not, a web site is difficult to become bigger and stronger, always in the half-dead state, sub state that is the group purchase website.

What is the future development trend of

group purchase website, we do not know, after all, group purchase in the United States and our ancestors have lack of innovation ability, small as an Internet veteran, analysis from the perspective of practitioners for many years, in the future there is only a two or three group purchase website, while the vertical field group purchase site survival rate is still relatively high. But, maybe just a group purchase website itself a function of an electronic commerce website must be a component of some.



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