Ali shares five years of experience sharing

on the surface, the small wholesale market seems to be a little weird Alibaba, there will always be some people complain about the poor quality of the wholesale, cheated, no return, etc.. This is a very normal phenomenon of the development of high short-term, similar to the current China in the period, it shows that the small wholesale Alibaba is moving in a direction of success. I used to do plush toys and animation of the small wholesale in the Alibaba, to be wholesale wholesale and double angle to talk about several issues should pay attention to the small wholesale, welcome.

1, as a seller, we must establish the concept of good faith business.

integrity and money is two yards, can you make every commodity 1 wool, also can earn 10 yuan, but no matter how much money earned, must get done, even if you only earn 1 cents, but the delivery problem is not integrity, although you earn 10 yuan, but according to you and customer requirements on delivery, that is honesty, integrity and so you earn profits. This is established, you should be strict with themselves, the Alibaba is a good platform, we must firmly grasp, long-term vision, their business prospects cannot destroy to petty profits.

2, as a buyer, be sure to establish a safe stock alert.

in the Alibaba are nevertheless merchants also have fraud, is busy chaotic businesses, but this will not affect the Alibaba’s overall environment, after all, want to do a good business is the most, have such confidence can pay to the goods. Safety stock has two meanings, and the purchase of a real life the same, is to preserve evidence, including chat records, remittance documents, these are after a dispute must be used; two is Alipay safe payment, credit is very high, manufacturers can use money, do not know the situation in being a fool immediately, it must be retarded, was not to discuss the pit.

3, if you are a large buyer, you can go directly to manufacturers.

generally speaking, there are two ways to purchase, one is to find the manufacturers, one is to the first level, the level of wholesalers take goods two. Big purchase those fancy which product, can go to the Taobao retail purchase samples, and then find a manufacturer to build, so there will be a lot of money, such as our furunde specializes in plush toys processing factory, if you fancy a plush toy gifts or promotional items to do is, we can go to manufacturers copy, 500 pcs..

4, if you are a small buyer, you’d better find a direct wholesaler or get goods online. Here there is a small wholesale skills, first of all, do not be too complicated, do not stop talking incessantly, people do not have a detailed solution to everyone. And watch the fabric, workmanship, neckline, cuffs, tag and so on in detail, and proposes the question.

5, the experience when you speak not know their customers, so you have to speak jargon. For example, this year is the year of the tiger.


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