Online shopping has a good faith online shopping model provisions

December 2nd news China Electronic Commerce Association policy and Law Committee, Peking University Internet Law Center and other institutions held a meeting in Beijing 1, announced jointly launched the "online trading service format contract demonstration text", the move to improve the online trading norms, the greatest extent to protect the interests of consumers to create the conditions for further.

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, China policy and Law Committee of Electronic Commerce Association and some legal experts and Tencent, the Jingdong of Dunhuang mall, pat Network and other well-known e-commerce websites conducted in-depth exchanges, discusses how to regulate the online trading service terms, and the terms of the transaction service users based on various electronic business, in order to protect consumers the principle of common interests made more perfect and humanized service contract "model text", "e-commerce website customer service agreement" "electronic commerce website issued" rules "Commodity E-commerce website commodity trading prohibition rule" "electronic commerce website transaction complaints management rules" four text to the public announced.

Alamu J, deputy director of the

Chinese Electronic Commerce Association policy and Law Committee believes that the electronic commerce website industry leading support for regulation of online shopping environment integrity plays a vital role in the safety, the Tencent pat net in collaboration with other well-known e-commerce sites actively take the initiative to join the industry standard to explore and Practice, has a very positive meaning to promote the industry standard.

, Tencent general manager Liu Chunning said, to protect the interests of consumers, to ensure that consumers can really have according to, and assist them to actively and properly resolve e-commerce platform is the responsibility in the face of online shopping transaction disputes. Therefore, the participation of the revision and improvement of relevant rules of online shopping transactions, through the action to provide a more fair and reasonable and healthy competition environment for the majority of sellers, but also bring more comprehensive protection of rights and interests of the vast number of consumers.

it is understood that in recent years, the rapid development of domestic e-commerce, but the relevant provisions of the relevant provisions of the online trading system has not yet formed, still need to improve. More prominent is the online trading terms, at present there are still some fuzzy areas, some bad sellers advantage of consumer fraud cases have occurred, online transactions "integrity and safety" has become the most important problems of consumers, to some extent restricts the further development of large-scale e-commerce.

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