Originally life network consumer complaints surge spit bad customer service non-existent

reporter Liu Yan Qi Rong


following the flagship brand of the family home for dinner ", originally living network again force during the two anniversary, launched a series of promotional activities. However, consumers have to reflect the "Economic Reference News", during the big Pro buy metamorphic egg egg, contact life network service originally wanted to return but was delayed. Consumers also spit bad, the website customer service non-existent.

according to the "Economic Reference News" reporter’s statistics, in late July, only the micro-blog platform on life network had as many as dozens of complaints, the complaints including order delays, missing parts small parts, logistics too slow, food, not contact customer service etc..

according to the public data networks have been living since the establishment of two consecutive losses, which was founded by the media people to switch business enterprise, plan the story behind quite explosive point of sale is a drag service and a series of supply chain, cold chain logistics dropped.

so far, the life of the core network is still the same team of media players, and mostly follow the founder Yu Huafeng years of friends, colleagues and subordinates. Insiders questioned, this kind of rivers and lakes feelings and a single professional knowledge structure can make the life network go far?

promotion Diaolian Zi suspected lack of internal strength

at the beginning of July, the original network of living together nearly a hundred companies and media organizations launched home to eat public service activities, and will be in July as a month to eat, in July 17th as home eating day". Because of the warmth of a family card, the event triggered an instant resonance, the site tailored to go home to eat the theme page was a friend point explosion. After originally living network again force during the two anniversary, launched the audience full of 200 by 100 value buy "freezing prices, selling fruit and one yuan purchase" second one fold seafood and a series of promotional activities.

According to the official website of

data, have been living network during the two anniversary of total number of orders exceeded 5 times more than usual, but at the same time, major social platforms complaints about the original life network is also high. In this regard, the official website of life have been said in a statement, a surge in orders during the anniversary, delivery delays, hope of understanding. Company official also said that the distribution may be a certain degree of delay, but the library will be fresh fruit. However, consumers do not seem to buy it, think that "no diamond do not embrace porcelain job".

not only that, in July 31st, the media also exposed has been stressed that fresh throughout the cold chain distribution home originally life network wrapped with vip.com actually send the parcel by ordinary tricycle mixed together, the absence of any refrigeration equipment inside, part of the package was also placed in the top tricycle, and allot pictures. However, the original aspects of life refused to admit, and insisted that the site all cold chain transportation to meet the requirements of commodity storage and transportation, there are a lot of cold chain approach, the current use of transit boxes and cold storage materials to protect the entire cold chain."

was also the official website of the home page also marked that the original life network set


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