The country’s domain name is popular German.De and Chinese.Cn forefront

      according to VeriSign, by the middle of 2007, the number of registered domain names in the world reached 138 million, an increase of more than a year ago by 31%.

      VeriSign said, ".Com" suffix of the registered domain name has about 55 million, is still the most popular domain name suffix, but ".Fr" and other specific domain name suffix growth is also very strong.

      the number of registered domain names for all countries added together was more than 51 million, an increase of over a year earlier by about 36%. Germany’s ".De" is the largest country domain name suffix, but also the largest number of second registered domain name suffix, ranked in the third place is.Net".

      in addition, the British ".Uk", China’s ".Cn", ".Org" is also a high number of registered domain name suffix. At present, a total of 267 root server domain name suffix, ".Asia" is a member of the new. (commissioning editor admin01)


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