The new trend of community development to build the platform of community vertical and electronic co

at 3 o’clock on March 29, 2011, Alibaba group’s Internet products and services provider phpwind released generic version of the station software phpwind 8.5. The continuation of the phpwind 8 series version of system architecture, the integration of a variety of mature community form, fully meet the characteristics of small and medium business website needs, focus on helping the community website to further optimize the user experience and enhance website operation effectiveness.


Internet is a new round of rapid growth has become a potential outbreak, the development of new forms of Internet e-commerce, micro-blog, LBS, SNS group purchase, etc. to the Internet initially like a raging fire, the miners – the majority of owners who brought the opportunity and more challenge. We see micro-blog obtained by changing the way of information communication, to attract more users active and stay longer, is bound to the original regional culture based on the polymerization, polymerization has great influence local social relations in the local community. Phpwind believes that micro-blog in the use of this opportunity at the same time, the local community needs through more elaborate the contents of operation, strengthen the vertical sections of the business, to provide a more detailed and comprehensive, professional content and service information precipitation users, and by enhancing the user experience of incentive activity, i.e. the local community vertical. At this point phpwind 8.5 provides a wealth of features.

phpwind8.5 in the original forum, portal, personal center, group and other social network application, to the intensive and meticulous farming operational functions, such as map, cool topics, new user registration guide, team assessment, real name authentication, personal label, new editor, subject classification to help the majority of owners to provide more efficient management tools, reduce operating costs in order to enhance the whole team.

topic – use the micro-blog tool

phpwind version 8 released the new product, the Sina and micro-blog products through the bottom, the website users can bind forum account with sina account, users can carry out flexible content interaction between community and Sina micro-blog, the website can also take to get communication, to enhance user stickiness, improve user activity, website promotion the brand has a great role. Phpwind 8.5 version of the topic features based on new things, in the station micro-blog content aggregation to do a more extensive and in-depth excavation. Series information, enhance interaction, will be more active with new things!


cool – enhanced image content interactive

picture cool as a picture content aggregation platform, focusing on the quality of the station’s various channels of pictures, edited by the user or by the content, through the interaction of the pictures, the common user and content aggregation. In function to meet the individual needs of different users look better and more experience, stimulate the enthusiasm of the user in the community "activities"; enhance the picture browsing experience; without increasing the operation cost of the website.


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