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1, the online mall online shopping mall and online store is different, the specific things about Wang Tong, I will not waste words. According to CNNIC data, factors of online shopping the most reassuring, the quality of goods accounted for 64.1%, 34% in front of me honest sellers; write "four" online shopping ask which referred to "the general large-scale online shopping mall (such as excellence, Dangdang, 800buy) can provide quality guarantee, online shop business the seller also has a certain reputation guarantee, but a large number of scattered individual sellers on uneven". This is certainly the advantages of online shopping mall.

online shopping mall Liu Jia believes that there are three modes:

      (1) excellence model: early online mall should be excellent mode dominated, typical representatives: excellence, Dangdang, Ctrip, 800buy etc.. This kind of mall is no physical mall, professional online shopping mall business, their own brand building and credit accumulation to spend some energy and resources. For large funds into and to establish the integrity and high quality brands need time to accumulate, but also not to be successful, consumers are not willing to buy most of the current in the initial risk, or in the development of small online mall is this model that can have more income should be the taste category mall.

      (2) Taobao model: Taobao itself was developed by C2C, can not be denied that Taobao even played a role in promoting the Alibaba of Chinese online shopping environment development; when B2B, B2C, C2C line is more and more obvious, Taobao to get involved in the online store, Taobao Online shopping mall to solve the quality certification (guaranteed authentic), to solve the problem of credit (Alipay you dare I dare to pay), but for the operators of online shopping mall here display platform is too small. Every online store has limited resources.

      (3) Xidan model: physical mall online management. This model has its own brand, in the daily life of the majority of consumers have been recognized, but there are many disadvantages of the traditional industry to implement e-commerce, especially the idea of not enough attention, etc.. However, the United States online mall in 03 years has proved the effectiveness of this model. However, due to effectively reduce the operating costs, it is not able to implement the next price of Internet access.

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