BTAUTO practice car O2O start MG GT drive

November 11th, the car and passenger car company SAIC jointly build MG GT "the love line" test drive activities officially started in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu three. In BITAUTO "11.11 Car Buying Carnival big promotion day, start the next line sync test, which shows the normalization of automotive electricity supplier, especially attaches great importance to vehicle O2O closed-loop service.


it is understood that the user can make an appointment through the activities of the exclusive App iLoveMG and mobile station page, or by the end of the PC page to participate in the next day to participate in the appointment of MG GT city try love activities. This car with the intention of consumers can take advantage of the fragmentation of time appointment the nearest MG GT vehicles and drivers, easy to enjoy convenient door-to-door free test drive service. The event in the first batch of Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu city to start a new MG GT100, respectively, for Taiwan, 50 Taiwan, 50 Taiwan, distribution of gathering area in major shopping district and white-collar office, such as Beijing, China World Trade Center, Financial Street, Zhongguancun, Shanghai, Xujiahui, Zhongshan Park, Lujiazui, in order to help users to work, work, dinner, date time reservation using trivial. From December onwards, the event will also continue in Nanjing, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Hefei and other more than and 20 cities, continued until February 2015.


The event will be

mobile App applications and services, reservation and ground executed combined with the appointment be flexible, wide drive location convenient, drive experience timely feedback, innovation realizes the automobile drive time fragmentation, drive location humanization, drive experience differentiated quality line service, allowing users to easily and free and convenient to test drive a new car. Since the October 29th event was announced, iLoveMG App download has more than 20 thousand times.

MG GT "the love line" test drive is the embodiment of BITAUTO practice O2O closed-loop service, once also actively explore China automotive electricity supplier industry deepen O2O mode. The test drive is always the sales and service process under the line of most participants, the greatest risk, the most difficult part of standardization, BITAUTO by passenger car company in cooperation with SAIC, not only can be heavily involved in this line under the link, but also accumulate rich online and offline connection Know-How, it is really the only way which must be passed the electric vehicle O2O.


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