Ma Yun the first ten years, by the end of the next ten years by dry

Zhao Nan

This is perhaps the Alibaba

group chairman of the board Ma in the last session of the network to the general assembly. From 2003 onwards, the network conference has been held for 9 years, last year there is in this form. And in this form farewell, but also means that Alibaba is about to enter the next phase.

Ma Yun said that the first ten years by speaking, after the last ten years by dry. Over the past ten years, the Alibaba has completed the business infrastructure and market cultivation stage; the next ten years, the Alibaba will focus from the outside to the inside, in the commercial law under the new internal transformation, and emphasize the construction of relation between Alibaba and network.

he believes that the world economy is undergoing profound and complex changes, not the most complex, only more complex; not the most difficult, only more difficult. The world economy will only get worse, who first adapt, who will have a chance.

Ma Yun said that by the end of this year, the Taobao and Tmall transactions from 1 hundred million in 2003 to 1 trillion yuan, and from an initial concept, has completed the landing. 1 trillion yuan, which means that in the domestic provincial GDP ranked in the top seventeenth, equivalent to last year’s Shaanxi province. This also means that the future management of Alibaba will be from the company, to the ecological.

but in the process of ecological reconstruction in the network itself should also continue to improve. Ma Yun believes that the reason why imitation, plagiarism, copycat, because we have intellectual property rights vested interest groups is too small, the network only do defenders of intellectual property, will it be possible to complete the road of brand.

Alibaba’s next ten years, the focus will be from the outside, in their own organizational structure adjustment, the completion of the "three step". The first step is the Alibaba platform strategy. Currently, Alibaba group has been split into international B2B, domestic B2B, Ali cloud, Ali wireless, Ali finance, Taobao, Tmall seven platforms. From January 1st next year, Ali will be adjusted, so network operators directly to consumers.

second step is the financial strategy. Because the network of small scale, rapid development, capital requirements than the traditional enterprise urgent and cross regional, the integrity of the system is still in the middle of the Construction Bank, it is difficult to meet the demand. Alibaba hope that through cooperation, to complete the business lending funds network.

third step is the construction of large data. Ma Yun said that Alibaba data to play the role of weather forecasts for the country, for the country, the local government to make a basis for macroeconomic judgments.


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