Tianjin issued cross-border electricity supplier filing notice 7 categories of goods banned


] February 17th news billion state power network, billion state power network was informed that the Tianjin inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued a cross-border business entities and goods filing notice.

according to the notice, conduct cross-border business in the Tianjin region of the enterprises, logistics enterprises, trading platform operators and other business entities (hereinafter referred to as the "main business"), through the Tianjin integrated service platform for cross-border e-commerce trade to the Tianjin entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau provided the main business record information.

main business record information should include a unified code of social credit, enterprise name, legal representative, registered address, contact method, type of enterprise, the main categories of goods, platform website, platform name, local inspection inspection agencies and the quality and integrity of business undertaking.

cross-border electricity supplier business enterprises in the first sale of goods before the shelves, should be provided by the Tianjin cross-border trade e-commerce integrated service platform to the Tianjin entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau to provide information for the record.


should contain the following goods record information: business registration number, HS encoding, product name, production country, brand, specifications, supplier and commodity categories, the import and export of goods, mark number, production enterprises, main components, use, packaging unit, minimum package units, inspection agencies and related territories qualification information and conform to China’s laws and regulations and the requirements of the standard statement etc..

at the same time, the following goods prohibited to enter the form of cross-border electricity supplier:

1 "People’s Republic of China entry-exit quarantine of animals and plants" provisions of the objects prohibited from entering the country;

2 did not receive the inspection and quarantine access to animal and plant products and animal and plant derived food;

3 "included in the catalogue of hazardous chemicals", "dangerous goods list", "< the UN Model Regulations on the transport of dangerous goods for > appendix three dangerous goods list < >", "classification and types of precursor chemicals list" and "Chinese strict restrictions on import and export of toxic chemicals directory" the goods;

4 special items (except for biological products that have obtained the registration certificate of imported drugs);

Nuclear factor

5 containing harmful may endanger public safety products;

6 waste products;

7 other products are prohibited by laws and regulations and the State Administration of quality inspection notice to prohibit the entry of imported products.

notice also pointed out that the record information changes, the main business should be timely to the Tianjin entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau to update the record information. Such as the discovery of record information and provide information platform to show false information, obvious discrepancies or serious defects and banned commodity information, record information will be invalid.


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