The Amazon website China Fengeng double 11 test the water overseas purchase


Chinese announced yesterday that this year’s "double 11" to let Chinese consumers stay at home to buy goods from all over the world. Including: the United States, Germany, Spain, France, Britain and Italy and other six major overseas websites now opened to China Amazon direct mail service; Amazon Chinese site will be in the "double 11" before the trial operation of overseas purchase service.

the opening of six overseas direct mail Chinese Amazon site, direct mail can be brought together 80 million kinds of goods, of which the United States Amazon goods more than 25 million. The reporters found that the opening of direct mail category are the most local characteristics and site China consumers to buy the most. For example, in the United States on Amazon, clothing, footwear, maternal and child nutrition and health and personal care, beauty is in the mail list; in Germany, Amazon, electrical appliances, kitchenware, baby, bags etc. are in direct mail list.

Chinese consumers shopping in the six sites, as long as the choice of the goods can be direct mail, after completing the payment, Amazon will automatically help consumers to handle the customs clearance formalities, and provide the standard, speed, and other three kinds of optional express delivery service. With the service, the six largest overseas websites have recently lowered the direct mail China international freight and shorten the delivery time. To Chinese consumers buy most American Amazon as an example, the average delivery time is shortened from 9 days to 15 days, the fastest 3 working days to be served. Reporters yesterday found that even with a lot of freight tariffs, direct mail a lot cheaper than domestic commodity purchase. The electric pump is a virtue music brand as an example, through the purchase of the American Amazon, and freight tariff standard delivery plus not more than 1270 yuan, while in the domestic brand network official flagship store on the price of more than 1600 yuan.

in addition to enjoy six overseas direct mail service in the Amazon website, China consumers can also experience overseas purchase services in the Amazon China website. According to reports, the consumer China China website login Amazon, some consumers will have the opportunity to visit overseas purchase shops, to buy the Amazon online merchandise, and enjoy the American Amazon real-time price, experience the whole Chinese localization of the acquirer and local customer service support. It is reported that the store will focus on Amazon Chinese according to domestic consumer preferences in the United States Amazon selected merchandise, including clothing, footwear, beauty, nutrition, maternal and child care, and outdoor sports category. It is reported that Amazon China has collected nearly 30 thousand overseas goods from nearly 12 countries. In August this year launched the international boutique shop, has been assigned to the 65000 kinds of international brand products. Reporter Tang Ye


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