Talk with numbers online shopping has the risk of careful hot search word turned sensitive words

some time ago, Hunan Zhuzhou a man online shopping matches gun give children as toys, after the match was identified as gun guns being sued. In fact, in recent years, because in the online purchase of "match gun" and "guns" and was in the criminal case: Hebei Suning County It is often seen. Lee, in more than 10 thousand to sell "matches the gun", by the police on suspicion of illegal sale, manufacture of firearms in custody; Sichuan Dazhou guy Liu spent 30540 yuan online shopping. 24 imitation guns seized by customs, the crime of smuggling weapons was sentenced to life imprisonment!

for a time, as if only in the film and television saw the arms dealer on our side, and Taobao has become China’s largest online firearms and ammunition trading platform".

We look at the

to the platform, enter the keyword "matches the gun, merchandise search out nearly 1000, which ranked first in the explosion of a commodity, the monthly sales of nearly 100 thousand, monthly sales of 300-400, the average transaction price of less than 300 yuan. It seems that the legendary arms dealers also can not earn any money!


(the above data from the business school from the "information Cube")

and when to click to view details that explosion of top 10 commodities have the shelf! It is the fall, is the crackdown, it seems that the thunder is indeed not stepped on.


(the above data from the business school from the "information Cube")

In fact, most of the

owner, when editing commodity content has to be extremely careful, usually labeled statement "this section only matches the gun, can only play a match, only to hear the sound of nostalgic childhood toys, can not do any modification, such as due to conversion of unexpected consequences, this shop is not liable for any."


(the above data from the business school from the "information Cube")

let’s take a look at the toy gun. A comparison to know that the owner of the toy gun spent more than a match gun to buy more moisture. The transaction price of some commodities explosion but the total sales be roughly the same, and total sales are far higher than the match buy guns, but sales trend continued to rise. Soon the new year, as a gift to the children, it seems that the sales trend of toy guns will be up for a while Oh!


(the above data from the business school from the "information Cube")

data can be seen from the comparison above, to grasp the hot category product packaging and industry positioning, is a very important thing. Because of the recent news, match gun has undoubtedly become the recent hot search words, but this hot search is not a good thing, because the buyer in the search, the police are searching, hot search >