Rural business quietly rising, Ali, Suning Jingdong, planning for a long time

rural electricity supplier is now becoming popular in the field of electricity supplier keywords, which unlimited opportunities and traps……


on whether you perceive, whether you recognize, rural business is becoming a hot field of the current electricity supplier keywords, including unlimited opportunities and trap clouds, Suning, Ali, Jingdong and other types of game player is boiling, change the curtain slowly opened.

before the sermon, I think only in a small community of rural electricity providers say what one sees and hears a few words of truth.

a few years ago, Hu lived in the town, computer Internet or trendy stuff, a large entertainment bar is also a large number of young men and women. Today, the Internet business has begun to follow the footsteps of big cities, increasingly depressed. Why? Because the countryside has been more and more people buy their own computer, Internet has become increasingly popular.

at the same time, electricity providers have begun to spread in the field of hope in rural areas. Nothing else, is the annual Spring Festival, in a second tier city tens of thousands of migrant workers (who did not disdain the meaning here, a grass root Hu I am also migrant workers in the city) will put the seeds into their own home business.

tells a true story that happened just last week.

January 23, 2015, a small shop in the Yanghe River city in Suqian Province town of Jiangsu was watertight, originally, a bunch of people turned out to be in line for online shopping. "In the past, buy a water heater, ran to tens of miles outside also et al to install, tossing back and forth several days. Later went to Shenzhen to work, see people using mobile phones to buy things, and delivery to the door, but also pipe installation. Now I can do it myself." An old man in the local service station through the help of mobile phone client orders.

this case shows that the rise of rural electricity providers quietly.

in fact, this is the last week, Suning in Suqian (the historical figure of Xiang Yu and the present Jingdong head Liu Qiangdong’s hometown) the Yanghe River town opened Suning first self service station. In accordance with the layout of Suning COO Hou Enlong, Suning 2015 is the layout of the rural electricity supplier sprint stage.

in addition, the choice of the hometown of Liu Qiangdong, Suning launched in 2015, the rural electricity supplier first shot, must also have another layer of meaning. After all, in 2015, Ali, Jingdong is also in rural electricity supplier mustering the strength to attack, but also around the rural electricity supplier all have plan for a long time.

can be predicted that the next 2015, all kinds of players around the rural electricity supplier will cut more substantive confrontation. Only waiting for the climax stage. Although there has been bad mouthing of rural electricity supplier industry, said the "false proposition" of those who have said, "bubble" has, but in my opinion, the rural electricity supplier in the world wide, have a brilliant future.

first, the environment, the large rural population base, income is increasing, moving >