Taobao how to upload the baby to the store tutorial

more and more people open Taobao shop, whether it is full-time or part-time can open Taobao shop. Open Taobao shop is easy, but how to manage the baby inside, small series to teach you how to upload the baby bar.

how to upload the baby to Taobao shop [2 methods]

a manual release baby 1

1 the first landing Taobao network seller or click on Ali Wangwang center.


2 and then point to release baby.


Then according to the

3 category types of goods to choose their own good.


4 select category, began to fill out their baby information.


5 also fill in courier information.


another release is on Taobao assistant:

A. open your Taobao assistant


two. Click "baby management" after landing".


three. Import the package you need. Packet can be downloaded to the address you have the software]


five. Choose the hook you need.


6 fill out the point after the release can be



1 released after the baby does not necessarily appear in the Taobao store, generally to audit for 30 minutes.

2 upload baby, a detailed record of the number of baby, characteristics, name and other information to fill in the shop, the baby’s image processing more realistic, beautiful.

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