25 year old boy selling cosmetics has two stores and two stores

25 year old boy Zhou Fei, selling cosmetics is not inferior to fashion women. At present, he has three stores and two stores, the two shops trading volume has reached more than four drill, the average monthly turnover of up to more than and 600 single. Turning to experience, Zhou Fei said, " communication to create benefits. " good communication, not only can reduce the cost of customer service, improve the speed of customer orders, but also to establish a way to shop reputation.

Zhou Fei in Taobao and there are two online shopping platform, respectively, opened a shop. Currently, the two companies have successfully rushed to the four drilling. Among them, an opening in August last year, has a total turnover of nearly four thousand single; another in November last year has opened a total of more than 2 thousand single. Zhou Fei believes that the operation of the shop is genuine cosmetics, profit margins are relatively low, so we must rely on the amount of shops in order to enhance the operating income.

communication art into the details of the " "

achievements; cautious;

to improve the volume of the shop, in addition to relying on a strong network search promotion, but also need to communicate with customers. " do so long shop, maximum experience is how to communicate with people, Zhou Fei said, " " whether the shop or store, to communicate with people is not a simple experience, but an art. " every shop has a customer service, need to communicate with the customers, this shop does not seem to be the secret of success, but Zhou Fei had " " communication; the art of play to the details of each shop business, he summed up the three communication rules themselves:

1 " " read before buying refinement;


for other commodities, maybe some customers love to buy cheap smuggled goods, but this kind of cosmetics rub on the face of things, the customer is starting at the time of purchase. So, such as " is not genuine " this kind of problem, almost the buyer will ask and is one of the most concerned about the problem. Zhou Fei believes that online shopping is established on the basis of mutual trust between buyers and sellers, it is necessary to communicate before buying to avoid wasting time on such issues. So, take the time to refine " buy read before " to reduce the duplication of the cost of communication is very necessary.

in the week fly shops, like many businesses, there is a " " buy read before the page. But out of the ordinary is the information listed here are original, and concise and comprehensive, very detailed, on the quality of goods, price, packing, quantity and store discount and other matters of detail, inform the customer not to waste time in the bargain, questioned the quality of the goods so on, so as to improve the frequency of communication with customers with buyers, save the time of online shopping.

2 for human communication

Zhou Fei believes that whatever


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