VANCL Yuzuo whole category electricity supplier brand + channel mode

Beijing daily news (reporter Chong Xiaomeng) vertical class electricity providers have begun to accelerate the road to the platform. Beijing Daily reporter yesterday login to see VANCL by 3C digital goods, third party merchants and sales of small household electrical appliances has been officially on sale in china. VANCL said, the future will take the "brand + channel mode. According to the insiders, after the Jingdong, such as B2C, the curtain open platform that will open vertical class electricity supplier.

Beijing Daily reporter found that although the Eslite home recommended goods are brand goods, but through the keyword search, from third party merchants each category of goods has been sold.

VANCL said, where the customer has confirmed that in the future will be to the "brand + channel mode. Relevant responsible person believes that the relationship between online and offline brand is not competition but cooperation. So we share 30 million online user resources to the cooperative brand." Previously, VANCL aged CEO has publicly said, willing to share the huge flow generated every day, "we are willing to put some of the categories we are not good at opening to the traditional brand". Although at present VANCL did not disclose its own brand accounted for, but its own brand is still in a dominant position.

since 2011, Eslite has been seeking more diversified. From 2011 last year to expand the category, clear inventory, to this year’s open platform, VANCL frequently change. In the industry view, after the 2011 big category expansion, VANCL new platform strategy shows its more cautious in considering the cost.

for VANCL acceleration platform initiatives, insiders also believe that the way to show the platform can reduce VANCL brand awareness. However, VANCL responded that the example from the previous work with Lining, may have seen sales of other brand products and will not affect the customer brand and sales in every guest, but has a leading role.

from Jingdong, Amazon and other electricity providers launched the self + third party platform strategy, the open platform is seen as the electricity supplier companies stop weapon". Due to rely on the platform to collect business service fee profit, only to provide their own services, do not need to buy goods, inventory, and self marketing B2C easier to make money. For mature electricity providers, already has a self built logistics and complete data systems, open platform without spending too much cost and energy. But the open platform is a double-edged sword stop loss weapon. Previously, due to lax supervision of third party sellers, there are quality problems in the 50% hot mattresses City Consumers Association published the list, many goods from the electricity supplier open platform.


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