Foreign brands CN domain name has been registered, the enterprise should be wary of online brand mis

        the world famous revolutionary "gabardine fabric" of the inventor, the famous British brand Berbera (Burberry) limited action in Chinese not long ago, hope that through legal means to reclaim the domain name CN. The day before, another global cosmetics brand L’OREAL, but also because of its "Helena" brands such as CN and domain name was registered to take legal action, and even commissioned one of the world’s famous law firms of McKenzie law firms as the sole agent of the domain name has been registered.

in the past, economic and trade disputes, we often hear domestic enterprises due to various reasons such as the foreign court, however, Berbera (Burberry), the L’OREAL business more than 100 years of well-known enterprises, to China to court, but also to the CN domain name address is not not to ruminate. With the acceleration of the development of the Internet, the concept of "network economy" has been recognized and accepted by most people. Through the Internet to achieve profitability has a lot of practical cases. In fact, in many countries and regions, the network has become an important factor in business development and growth, or even similar to our Internet cafe network has become an important part of consumption and economic development, even Starbucks has become the enterprise network development base. Many enterprises especially have a comprehensive network management platform of enterprises clearly recognize that the development of e-commerce, the establishment of the enterprise network brand, expand business channels, can the network under the brand advantage to expand online to win broader business opportunities.

has a simple and easy to remember, as with corporate or brand name for the domain name, enterprise Internet marketing has a great strategic value. This means that the company’s online brand resources can be fully copied on the internet. Once the domain name is registered by others, companies will be able to bear the loss due to the lack of online brand and bring huge losses. The most serious network in the development of brand and business losses, and is the domain name address corresponding to the enterprise brand and product was registered. Domain name address is an important bridge between the real world and the Internet world. There is no connection with the real world of the network brand, the accumulation of intangible assets for many years can not be used in the virtual world. The domain name was registered address is often the abhorrence of the enterprise. L’OREAL and Berbera have to spare no effort in the CN domain name dispute "seriously", that was also the reason why.

registered events have occurred, but not entirely through legal means can be solved. Squatting law has obvious malicious but in fact, due to the principle of earlier registration, for some according to the domain name and address registration, and not as a legal basis for determining the actual loss to enterprise market. Also holds Panda (panda) registered trademarks of Panda Electronics Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing daily between the two plants had been registered because of CN domain conflicts. China Internet domain name