ndia e-commerce venture topped $1 billion mark

NetEase Francisco October 4th message, according to "Financial Times" reported that the United States and India risk investors in India’s e-commerce industry is full of expectations, prompting the early capital of India in 2014 the total broke through the $1 billion mark. The VCs want India’s start-ups to grow as fast as China’s technology companies.

investors have been keen to pay attention to the increasingly fierce competition between Amazon and domestic enterprises. Amazon plans to invest $2 billion to expand its business in India. Amazon’s opponents also called, not resigned to playing second fiddle, "India Amazon’s Flipkart, in July this year to get $1 billion investment in a new round of financing, valuation of about $7 billion.

According to Ernst & Young

data show that the first 9 months of this year, some smaller companies receive funds for promoting early high total financing to make a contribution, which involves from consumer e-commerce to mobile application development in different areas.

in 2013, India e-commerce industry has absorbed a total investment of $634 million, since 2007, the first time this year crossed the $1 billion mark.

Thomson Reuters

Datastream data show that so far this year, the India software company (not including biotechnology industry or retail) the investment volume reached US $810 million, compared to $100 million in 2013 increased significantly.

"we have seen unprecedented growth," said Lendla Singh, executive director of Sequoia Capital Singh (Shailendra)."

India has long been hailed as a global technology center, in part because of the reputation of IT outsourcing companies such as Infosys and Wipro. Many of the world’s leading multinational companies also set up a software development division in India.

India consumer market potential of a huge scale, attracting the attention of many venture capitalists. They hope that the electricity supplier companies such as Flipkart and Snapdeal will soon be like last month just listed Alibaba, as investors earn generous returns.

The rapid growth of

Internet users also laid the foundation for the investment boom. According to Ericsson’s statistics show that by 2020, India is expected to have 500 million smartphone users.

real estate investment boom also benefited a lot. CommonFloor, the property services website, just got a new round of $30 million financing last month, from the U.S. hedge fund tiger global. Another property site, Housing, raised $18 million in the first half of this year.

investors hope that other companies in the industry, such as online advertising and mobile finance, the Internet economy in India continues to expand the excellent situation, but also the rapid development of. Some companies in recent years, despite the high valuation of financing


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