Omar from engineer thinking to the transformation of the nternet thinking

to do with the Internet thinking the way has started to spread in the manufacturing industry, if the millet mobile phone can be treated as special cases of IT manufacturing industry, the music as a super TV appearance for traditional electric appliance manufacturing industry deeply aware, now this really has to take the initiative to change the time.

opportunities: the Internet brings new opportunities for foundry manufacturing

millet, music as a case of deep stimulated electronic appliances of domestic manufacturing, everyone according to their own business thinking, millet mobile phone industry, TV industry LETV, whether the refrigerator, air conditioning, washing machine and other traditional household appliances can also use the Internet thinking way to go through


on the market, is not the lack of willing to rob the first to eat crab business, the largest domestic refrigerator enterprises ODM Omar recently frequent sound, threatened to do "Chinese millet refrigerator industry". In the 2C market, the majority of people of Omar unfamiliar names, but in the 2B market, ODM is already the identity of Omar refrigerator at home and abroad there are many big rush.

was founded in 02 years of Omagh, composed of Kelon executive team had been for Whirlpool, Candy, Indesit and many other EU refrigerator brands ODM, 2013 Omar refrigerator export volume of 3 million 480 thousand units, of which exports to the EU 2 million 550 thousand, is Chinese single refrigerator export champion, the 5 consecutive years of export first "and" refrigerator sales among the industry ", and four in the EU harvest" China refrigerator OEM king "title.

see with the music as millet success, Omar plans to launch its own brand, want to taking advantage of this wave of the Internet era manufacturing wave ashore, the transition from the ODM mode.

positioning: from the Chinese refrigerator industry Foxconn to the Chinese refrigerator industry millet

excellent production capacity, so that the refrigerator brands at home and abroad have added to Omar Pro gaze, had been called "the industry China Foxconn refrigerator industry". However, under the background of new era, Omar didn’t want to stop at the OEM fate, start trying to create a "China millet refrigerator industry, this also means that the strategic positioning of Omar’s own will be great changes to 2C market from 2B market.

this kind of strategic adjustment, in accordance with the current domestic market situation, in the Internet era, consumer awareness of the brand more and more deeply, but also to catch up with domestic manufacturing overcapacity, fierce market competition, the lack of brand based products is not only difficult to sell at high prices, more difficult to walk, in this kind of market environment, not only the refrigerator industry the Foxconn "in making adjustments, even the real Foxconn are actively exploring its own brand products.

positive and negative sides, in the Internet to improve the consumer awareness of the brand threshold, but also reduces the threshold of shaping the brand. In the past, ten years to achieve a well-known brand, and now the fastest can be 1 years, or even six months to complete, millet phone is the most intuitive example. In the mobile Internet Era


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