Failure analysis and successful introduction of Taobao

Taobao guest fire is not a day two days. Do a lot of people who do Taobao, students, idle boring woman. Of course, we have poor webmaster.

to talk about non owners, they have a gold dream, around the link, the group, the forum. Was deleted posts, shielded speech, still persistent. But, how many people make money?

next to say a lot of webmaster. Many webmaster do seem a little technical content, but also not to go there. It is a copycat Taobao registered domain name, spend tens of dollars to buy a broken space, from the Internet to the next Taobao passenger stations, called Taobao navigation station. So, the moment, the emergence of the Internet shopping station. Tens of thousands of… Then start to dream about earning large quantities of gold each day. The heart of self obscenity, think they get so many goods promotion, shop promotion, have made a fortune. If it’s that simple, the fool can make money.

the following reasons under the Amoy of disillusion.

1 forum issued promotional stickers. The Tao is quite miserable. Hard typing post, and then pushed to the front of their registration vest to be found, but the moderator, who delete posts, or gag. The dream project was strangled in the cradle. Miserable!

2.qq mass link. This link may survive, often because of lax supervision group. However, the group Shuabing brush so fast, how many people you can see the link, see how many people can buy? You are a little more hair, the main group not happy will kick you.

3 to buy a program to do shopping guide station. This is the practice of many webmaster. The content of a variety of shopping guide Station, and the name is often associated with Taobao, the interface is very similar, very serious homogenization. Homogenization is a terrible phenomenon. Such a station to do, to the user’s impression is often cottage, lack of trust. Purchase behavior is based on the trust, the user needs to slowly cultivate trust, do not expect users to see the goods on the buy. Since then, the purchase behavior will be difficult to produce.

below, we talk about how to do a good job of Taobao.

forum posting and QQ link method is obviously not desirable, whether you do not agree with, anyway, I think so. We are going to stand!

said to do stand, I will not do shopping guide station. The reason has been said in the previous article. Simply said, we do stop thinking is like this: the choice of goods according to the commodity –> site content –> website optimization –> get traffic –> purchase behavior –> Commission.

1 how to choose goods.

merchandise selection relationship website content. Is the premise of success or failure. Do not want to include all the goods, so you will be difficult to implement the following steps. You can choose a certain kind of goods, or even a single product. For example, female series


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