n the network of selling sheep!

Ding Gai Cun young farmers Wei Dongyi, southwest area a little famous "selling sheep expert", every year around the country to promote the breeding of Small Tail Han sheep more than 10 thousand, sales amounted to about 6000000 yuan, it sounds like this is a be not at all surprising, paralyzed, the mobility of the disabled people relying on strong faith and perseverance, by virtue of telecommunications the invisible hand, compose with the arduous action a Shencanzhijian life, touch one deeply in the heart, unremitting self-improvement.

Wei Dongyi, a peasant family was born on 1974 in Ding Gai Cun. Childhood is good for everyone be clever and sensible, love children. After enrollment, more diligent, excellent in character and learning to win the teachers and students alike. But there are no wind, at the age of 8, a small department began to joint pain, the home that is suffering from arthritis, has given him taking hormonal anti-inflammatory painkillers to ease the pain. In this way, the Department of small joint pain, good and bad, to him on the first two days of the year, due to excessive use of hormone drugs, causing bone destruction, joint stiffness, joint activity in addition to arm, the body is not an active, so the former lively little Dong Yi disease destroy the body, small department paralyzed.

paralysis, are in for a lively young students, is undoubtedly cruel. The teacher for parents to cherish the wrist, tears. It is of small Dongyi person as can be imagined, at first the Department of the spirit of the mood is very bad, almost to the point of collapse. When a small department thought he wanted to escape to death Dutch act, to seek their own parents, but when he saw his parents begging for attention and hope the teacher look him in the face of death compromise. So he began to choose another way of life. "The book is the ladder of human progress, he thought of such a sentence, so he re found him aside the teacher and classmates sent his book, when he started reading, he did not know how life is wonderful, he came in a book these gave him inspiration and shock on the ground like hunger and thirst to rich nutrition and learn. "How to make steel", "Lei Feng’s story" and so on the inside a story deeply inspired him, made him realize that although his body can not move, and the healthy brain and active arm, must learn knowledge, serve the society, make a useful person to the society.

We often say that the cause of

, always with a person of noble aspirations. In 1997, the village began construction of village phone, lying on the bed, Wei Dongyi realized that now is the information society, with a phone can ear through the whole world, the world of communication, so that you can connect with the world, access to effective information. Then, at his request, in the autumn of his parents to pack a telephone. Since he is not isolated, the phone has become his "eyes", "ears", when he felt very happy, he produced a bold idea, he wants to do business. When he asked his parents to express their own ideas, parents strongly opposed, because he is a disabled person, even normal people can not do, how can he do? But Wei Dong Yi has his own ideas. "


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