Rely on the flow of money you have to know three questions

web site on the flow of money or many webmaster, some websites only thousands of IP also can earn a lot of money, and some traffic over tens of thousands, but can not earn much money, the reason to make money flow through the first value or the flow conversion rate, then the best way to improve the flow conversion rate is a good website to enrich the content of the website, but unfortunately, many people want to earn more money in the web page to stack the advertising content, many even overwhelming advertising content accounted for most of the content on the website, this will make a lot of users dislike this site even if there are tens of thousands of traffic, earn money is a little below! I told you about how well the problems of site traffic and earn a lot of money needed to pay attention to the


A: join the link class website

this kind of website is now very much, Taobao customer is one of the representatives, many people find a their own Taobao guest website in the huge link group, these sites are not their own goods, all is for others to do, and you earn commissions, now some advertising alliance also has this profit model, but the site is very difficult to operate for some webmaster, most of these goods on the one hand the website is collected, it is easy to be K, and will not get good rankings, so to be successful, it will require some investment in the early, also need to optimize good skills, otherwise it is difficult to earn a lot of money, even a lot of traffic, there is no way to earn money


two: do Banner site

There is a lot of

website banner ads, which is banner, because this kind of advertising can do fine, or have a certain appeal, especially the site traffic, banner banner is unavoidable, but because occupy relatively large format, click once the cost is still good, so some the site in order to earn more, the website advertising banners everywhere, like some Wangzhuan the whole web page are banner ads, people are very disgusted, naturally want to earn a lot of money is not possible, the best form of advertising is inserted and their relevant web content banners in the column between, neither affect the user’s reading habits, but also can improve the conversion rate of site traffic, this form of advertising banners to more promising


three: do industry website advertising

the general nature of the industry Web site will give priority to the same industry advertisement in the advertisement on the content, after all, and insert the appropriate place can not only increase the appearance of the site, but also can improve the hit rate. In addition to advertising setting is very knowledgeable, although some advertising is not obvious, but because of the different placement of advertising content can gain good hits, which requires everyone in practice constantly sum up experience, also need to learn the data analysis, so that it can better do advertising


through the flow of advertising to make money still


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