Clever use of target replacement method, earn pots full bowl full

recently in the million legion, the most likely students to explore the project is how much money you earn, how much money he earned that project?

actually, I’m talking about my goal replacement method, I hope you can correct a personal webmaster. That is, how much money to earn personal Adsense count


, for example, I’m speaking to millions of students and my students, and I say that I have a good income this year. Immediately someone will be very curious to ask the teacher, how much do you make? This is really a problem, if I say how much I earned, there may be a lot of people think I’m bragging, nonsense, but more veterans will find a pediatrician, this money is out Hyun


yes, that’s the difference. So, my answer is: I first half of this year’s income is 2 times last year.

a person to earn much, not others, but their own, and their ratio, and their past than, but also to their own goals, so that is the right, healthy state of mind.

OK, well, here to introduce the focus of this article: target replacement method.

I want to do the promotion of Baidu know, Search ask these websites will not be unfamiliar, yes, I saw my brother a group of special Baidu know this kind of column, and the income is not high. However, people often do this column, we all know, and now Baidu know more and more strict censorship of cheating.

many of our webmaster is often a person registered a lot of ID, as well as the direct way to use anonymous answers. Now with this method is not very effective, Baidu will be based on your previous IP records to determine whether you cheat.

in this case, what do we do with a million dollar army?.

this method is very simple, similar to the past Taobao brush credibility.

, for example, in the group, I was learning supplies advertising, then I raised the question, I put out the answer, commissioned by the group of other friends to do. And other friends in the group is to do green thin, then I go to answer his question, through this form, it effectively solves the problem of Baidu and other sites to examine the problem, the effect is faster and more obvious.

hope this little share can inspire you.

this article by the million Legion in A5 starter, welcome to reprint.


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