Wang Tong how to design your marketing.

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in 2007, with a securities advisory clients, they made a website, is to obtain a large number of potential customers to contact through the web site. Their website spent a lot of time and energy, as do the atmosphere like a financial portal, and spent a lot of effort to promote, finally can flow is also good, one day 20 thousand IP, but the Advisory quantity is very small, only a day to leave less than 20 of the clients, that is to say, the transformation from traffic to the consultation rate was 1/1000.


they found me, I only spent half an hour to do a super simple web page for them, and then through the Adwords promotion, every day only spend 100 yuan, about four hundred or five hundred IP, but the number of potential customers to leave contact details is as high as more than and 200, which is also my conversion rate up to 50%, it was 500 times. The conversion rate of a broken web page is 500 times the size of a financial portal, who completely subvert the client, and he is a veteran of the Internet industry.

why I can make a break when 500 times "into a medium-sized financial portal? Although I have been in practice, but I can not really magic, the key cause of this result lies in the fact that I use bait marketing. In this text, I will teach you how to design a super attractive marketing bait.

method one: the production of super popular e-book

wants to quickly get a field of customer recognition, the first thing is to understand the common problems of this type of customer is what, and then sort out these problems.

if the operation is


1, to Baidu know search related issues

2, to the popular forum to do a good job

for example, you want to attract customers to learn PPT group, we only need to know the inside of Baidu search PPT keyword, you can see a variety of issues for PPT users. In response to these problems, the first collection of 100 questions and answers, and then make this a document PPT novice entry of the 100 questions, the e-book.

well, this book is a good marketing bait! But this trick can be set to many fields.

previously, in order to learn some of their new employees SEO basic knowledge, I also arranged a special "SEO novice 100 questions" e-book. By the way of advertising: sixty-fourth SEO money this month 26 days training classes, registration phone: 400-6060-210

method two: the free resources and the value of packaging

in every field, there are a lot of video, audio, e-books and other information can be downloaded on the network, but few people put him all sort, if you put these data together


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